Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I have fantasy, sci-fi, and horror plots running around. I'm still working on the other novels, but they don't qualify for the writing contest I'm doing, so....

hmmm.... I wrote a short story about a woman and a dragon that needs to be a full story. It would be an epic adventure. Her birth father kills the only father she's ever known and wants to kill her if she won't fall under his rule. She is a mage by birthright through her mother and a warrior by instincts and training. It's quite an interesting premis, but may be harder to write than starting from scratch. I posted it on Fan story last year and had some good feed back. Many wanted to hear more.

The sci fi is something that started as a dream, much like Rebellion on Piza 7. People disappearing, foreign animals, worm holes to Earth guarded by reptilian sentries, political intrigue are the basis here. Lots of meat for this one.

My horror story is a little different, although my husband says it sounds similar to a book he's read. A man, a writer, buys an antique desk for his work, he usually works pencil to paper for first draft before using laptop. One day his wife is frustrating him and he tells her to get lost, and she's never seen again. It takes him a long time to figure out she's missing.

The police look at him but don't seriously consider him a suspect until other people around him start going missing and others are wounded or killed that he has altercations with. We have, romance, guilt, violence, mind bends, mystery, rags to riches, and a touch of the fantastical. Lots of meat on all three of my books. No wonder I can't decide which should be the one to write for November. And, of course, I'll be writing on my other books as I'm stumped on the one I'm writing for this contest. at 3k a day thats 90k for the month and I need 50k+ for the contest. I can do it! :D

Have a good day!

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