Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I did it!

I wrote over four thousand words before 6 O'clock last night. As my twitter followers know, I did most of it in the late afternoon. My husband was a big help with baby to help me push through. So guess what? I finished my short story (11,303 words) that I started Saturday and it's off to the publisher. Keep your fingers crossed that it'll be accepted :)

I haven't succeeded in my 5k a day yet, but just trying to get there has significantly improved my writing skills and my speed of thought to page.

On other news, I was called in for an interview at Michaels and it went well. I'll at least have a job for the Christmas season if not longer going by my gut feeling of it. I'm so glad because if I get a permanent job there they have benefits, which is a great, and I'll be able to purchase my canvases at a lower price!

Since I have to work, getting a job where I like the stuff we sell seems like a great idea. Plus, it won't start out at full time so I'll have time to adjust to working.

Monday, June 29, 2009

A day in the life

I'm so tired and I have rehearsal tonight along with the mundane's of everyday life. My baby has started a wicked schedule. Well, more of a wicked version of the old. See it used to be he'd sleep from 1-11 (with short easy wake ups for feeding take a short nap in after noon and possibly evening (I mean short! 30-60 min) and stay up until 1 again. Not so bad. As a nursing mom, waking up for feedings where he eats and goes back to sleep doesn't require full wake up mode, and I can easily fall back to sleep.

The last couple of days, culminating with yesterday, he's started a new trend. Waking up earlier (yesterday it was 8) taking two hour nap in afternoon (when we are doing errands so no nappy for me), and two hour nap at night (when I have to pick up husband: see my twitters) then up for four hours. And while he's awake, he's started on a new mommy phase as everyone else it out more often and the teenagers for long hours. Wouldn't be such a harsh schedule if I wasn't waking up at 530 to take my teenagers to work. So here's how that schedule translates for me.

sleep: 130 am possible dozing before if husband is up to help with baby
wake up 530 take teenagers to work 25 miles away
home 730
boys ages 5 & 8 up at 8 (can sometimes sneak sleep in here if they don't fight playing games)
8 start reading blogs marketing
830 feeding baby, changing diapers, etc.
9 eat if remembered to take thyroid meds at 530 wake up time, otherwise "oh yeah I need my meds" time
930 ish kick boys of games and make them get dressed and eat (this happens hour earlier on days hubby has maintanence calls at 10, then I'm leaving at 930)
10 finish marketing, blogging not done at 8 (sneak in writing cuz can't help myself and marketing is my least favorite internet game. I'd even rather do research!)
1030 hold sometimes fussy, always active baby who needs mommy possible feeding
1100 start writing, usually with baby on lap, so doing it one handed
1130 cleaning up spit up, only caught laptop once! change baby wash up myself
12 make younger boys do chores, do clean up, feed baby 'food' versus milk. Try to recruit younger boys to help with this as baby loves looking at them and playing with them during feed time.
1230 make lunch for boys, clean up baby's lunch mess (including the legs and arms that seem to collect baby food like some people do stamps!) and change and feed baby (he and Edward whose five have started this contest to see who can eat the most or something!)
130 eat lunch try to sneak in writing here if baby is content on floor
200 feed baby "snack", have boys play outside
215ish write some more...
230 rest of baby's 'snack and put down for short nap
write write write
330ish laundry, dishes, start dinner, baby care
430ish more writing in or picking up hubby, burn dinner if not careful between now and ...
600 dinner (if not burnt) feed baby (hes hungrier in afternoon and evening)
630 leave for rehearsal or write some more
730 ish largest baby feeding, etc ( he'll eat two jars of food, which I feed him form my canned stores, with cereal mixed in quicker than you can say "Are you hungry"
800 (if not at rehearsal) write and clean when stuck
830-900 baby fall asleep
1000 wish I was in bed like baby cuz You know he's going to wake up soon, put boys to bed (they love summer schedule :)
1130 up with maby, getting juice bottle to supplement (body doesn't make much milk at that time for some odd reason?)
12 play with baby
130 start all over again

And somewhere in there pick up my teenagers from work, pay bills and go to dr appointments, yardwork, grocery shopping. picking up/dropping off apps and any extra cleaning needed since teenagers working long shifts in warehouse... anyone have a free hour or so so I can sleep?

I'd like to know who said stay at home moms don't work because I want to take them out back and take a belt strap to them!!!

Knowing my schedule may help you understand why I'm so excited when I write 3k+ words a in one day! Every thousand words I get in, feels like I've made an accomplishment. Of course, when the muse hits, the laundry and dishes go straight to ....

Sunday, June 28, 2009


okay a couple of corrections. One is apropos not appropo (I knew that, just wasn't paying attention! thanks mom) and we are a family of five kids not just family of five.

Found another person or two talking about going to my book signing. Yeah! The more the merrier.

Today, tomorrow, yesterday

I'm feeling strange. My emotions are a concoction of melancholy, hope, and fear. Things are strained financially. The starving artist thing is appropo here. Plus, my husband, who was suppose to get steady work, if not overtime is only making 200 a week on average. Family of five cannot live on that. He didn't hear back on last interview. I picked up more apps. The one I really wanted to do, isn't hiring (again) until August.

Yet, I have a published book and my first book signing coming up and I'm getting support for that. But on the heels of that, I went to Borders last night to buy my husband a book and only one of my books has sold in the last week. Kind of a bummer. Yet, its a good thing because I'll have the nineteen copies for the signing, and from the confirmations I've gotten, there should be at least that many there! Hopefully, it leads to word of mouth sales! Borders will order more, maybe I can convince them to do a pre-order thing for my book on the 4th. Will have to talk to them about it.

Hope I can find part time job and hubby find extra job to go with his sporadic job.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

YA challenge

There's a challenge going out on one of the blogs I read for networking, information, etc. it's to write 1000k words a day for one month and there are rewards. I can do that, I've averaged more than that this week, but had 2 days that were under that. So for me, the trick will be to stick with it.

I would like anyone who reads my blogs, or twitter or anything to keep me accountable. Use comments, twitter, whatever works. For the rules and what I'm supposed to be living up to, here's the link http://yaedge.blogspot.com Also, it's open to anyone who wants to follow those rules. Tell anyone you want my blog page and twitter account and be my cheering group/task master whichever is needed on any given day. I'll make it my goal to have it written by 5 pm (or 1700 hours for you military types). Any takers?

PS It doesn't have to be a YA novel. I haven't decided what my novel will be. I still have a few days left to choose.

The muse

I think my new slogan will be "May the muse be with you." My family and I are big Star Wars fans. The release of the second set of Star Wars movies was an integral part of our courtship. I had two children, 7 and 5, and he took them as well as me out with all his single male friends to see the movie Phantom Menace (he still doesn't understand how I knew he was serious about me LOL). After that we went to the midnight showings of the next two and rewatch all the Star Wars Episodes frequently.

it seems whether you are a writer, painter, or any craftsman, having a muse is an obvious benefit. But for those in business, I don't see why you wouldn't want a muse anyway. Innovative ideas and good people management can often need some major inspiration.

My muse has been a little slow on the uptake the last few days. No doubt it is the result of being out of my thyroid meds catching up with me. But last night, it vurst out for an half hour frenzy of writing out of nowhere that produced 1500 words. Ask anywriter, the muse has to be with you to accomplish that. (My daughter made fun of how I typed so insanely fast and also how it sounds like I'm using a traditional trypewriter rather than a lapboard when I go that fast.)

Thank God for My Aunt Mel (may be the title of a future book) for she taught me to type on a very old, possiblyt ORIGINAL typewriter when I was ten years old. I took keyboarding in junior high and highschool and typed too fast for the typewriters. I am very happy with the speed I'm allowed to type on computers, although the older keyboards are slowing up on me as I write more and more on computer instead of paper. My typing skills are increasing as well as my accuracy. (I'm finding mistakes later in my posts, but for most part, I don't edit so it's how I originally typed it.)

BTW, before you all think I'm fifty years old, I'm thirty six. The computer revolution started when I was in grade school and has yet to stop or slow down. Anyways, I digress. I have to start bugging hubby to finish edits so I can get back to work on the sci-fi sequel. (he always seems to find some integral piece of action I've glossed over or something. It's rather annoying, but helpful to my writing. Sometimes I get going so fast, I forget to put in enough details in my rush to not lose the thought. Oh well, I'll just write another short story. Maybe one of them will sell.

Would be nice right about now, that's for sure. Here's to everyone's muse and success in their endeavors!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I'm thinking of pirates today. Pirates in the business world. For those local, one of those such beings is H & H furniture. Do not do business there! They will tell you one thing and do another. And, if you already have items there, and bought the insurance. please know the insurance wears out midnight of the day before your payment is due. Even though it's included in your paymen and you have four days before late penalties, etc. if the item is stolen during that grace period your insurance is no good. AND you have to keep paying the same payment, including the insurance which is no longer valid or she charges you with a felony theft. Even if you are willing to make smaller payments.

My brother died and my laptop was stolen when I went to Olympia. It does not matter to her if it was stolen from you. She's only interested in victimizing you as much as she can get away with. (I can legally do it, it's in the contract is her favorite quote!) If I had the money, I'd fight her. I would still pay for it, but I'd make smaller payments and get the insurance taken off the payments. How ridiculous is that? Besides, when it came out how poor we are and how little we've been bringing in and I've still paid some, along with my brothers death and a car accident, I'd have the sympathy factor. As a writer, I don't see how it would hurt me. But, since I'm looking for a job, I can't have that around my neck right now.

UGH!!! I hate business Pirates. They are not half as cool as The Pirates of the Caribbean... If only she were Johnny Depp :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

yeah I wrote today, HI MOM

Today I've written 4k words (that I kept, more if you count the stuff that walked the plank :) and I'm writing more, baby be good. LOL

Mom, I'm thinking of you with your melted key lmao. That is too funny! I'll let you post a comment to tell everyone what happened, if you want to. I mentioned you left for a little trip for your anniversary. Who knew how very HOT it would get? I'm cracking up here.

My romantic story of 55k has turned into a thriller with romantic overtones (Relationships are always important in my stories, whether lovers or enemies and everything in between. how we interact can make the story). I started this for the Harlequin Blaze line, but its taking on a life of its own. It's called Winds of Fire and it'll be follwed by Streams of Ice. I can write multiple books at once and keep them as straight as writing one, but I've discovered they have to be different genres. I can't write two fantasies at once, for instance. I've taken to starting files to write down ideas and plots and the characters as I see them so I can start one as I finish another. I am working on Blood Traitors as my sci-fi but have another story working itself out in my head. I've put the essential details down in a file though. I think it's a weird quirk to be able to keep stories straight but not if they're the same type.

May the muse be with you

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad Bushman. I'm not good on actual dates, but since you're leaving today for a mini trip, I feel safe in saying it today :)

I love to scrapbook and Mom B. is having me help her with a special historical scrapbook of her family. I feel so honored. She brought pics by last night. Anyway, you know something crazy? (Besides the fact it took me eight years to get my wedding album done for various reasons, I mean) In my scrapbooks, the thing that lies in wait and takes the longest for me to do is the WRITING! How's that for irony?

I didn't get a lot of words in yesterday, but I think I worked out a minor (could have ended up major!) plot kink. Sometimes, the plot kinks can hold up the muse. Today, I'm inspired to work on my book, where the hero has a lot of my husbands strengths. He is my muse on the book. I'm also sending stuff out for editing (forgot to do it yesterday GRRR). Maybe I'll have to fix more. This book has military involvement, and I'm not alwasy sure of stuff. I pretty much have a website listing rank and title up the enitre time I'm writing on this particular book.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I put up more posters today. For my book signing and the play I'm in. I can't wait to have my book signing. It's another milestone to being an author. I've been published, I've seen the book online, it's at a physical bookstore (looking good!) and them comes the signing! I'm excited and can hardly wait.

I was writing this blog, holding the baby. He loves to 'help' me type. He's fascinated with words. First kid I've had who wanted to do more than eat the book. He wants to look at the words (no kidding either. He likes pages full of words, with or without pics) and will watch for a while.

He was holding my hands as I was typing and then spit up on the keyboard!!! I've got that cleaned up and he's over playing on the floor now :)

Writing is making me crazy - rather, the lack of time to write. The ideas are pouring in, but if I can't get them down, the impact may be lost, if not the complete idea. Here's to lots of words today cheers!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Yesterday was productive for writing, today is not looking to be :( However, I will endeavor to keep it up. Between Marketing and appts I'm pretty busy today. I've got the story going though so I'm itching to write every chance I can. Maybe I'll manage to get 1-2k words in today :)

Don't forget book signing July 4th at Borders in Yakima. I should be there from at least 11-3 as that's the scheduled time. If people are there and asking questions/buying books, I'm not going to run off!! LOL

Everyone have a good day!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Book store, signing

It is wonderful. Seeing a book you worked so hard on in print is a good feeling. Seeing it in a book store, knowing someone has bought it and other's want to is incredible. Borders has done a wonderful job on the display for Rebellion on Piza 7 (and it is a display, larger than I expected!) and has been gracious at every turn. They are 100% supportive of the local authors, even more so than a couple of the local non-chain stores. (haven't checked with them all yet, or rather, haven't caught the right person yet)

Please go in to Borders (yakima) check it out .. and bring a friend!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Rebellion on Piza Seven

I want to thank my MIL (or mother-in-law for those who don't know). She is always supportive of my writing. She (and dad) watched my boys for me while I was at rehearsal for the melodrama I'm in. When we picked them up, she was updating her myspace blog telling everyone where the book signing is! How's that for support. Thanks MOM.

Rumor has it that Borders put it out on shelf yesterday! I've had many requests for this book. Buy it soon, so they have time to replace for book signing. Or, show up for the signing early to be sure and get one!

Many people have asked for my book, and I don't want anyone to miss out! (Of course I don't or I wouldn't have sought publication or even wrote a book LOL)

I'm waiting for an edit for the sequel, Blood Traitors, so I know where I want to go. hmmm. That's not quite right. I'm waiting for the edit to see if its heading where it needs to go. I know what I want. Action, psychic adventure, not-so-alien aliens, and the sense of betrayal the people of Phalo and Onch are going through and how that affects Savannah (or maybe vice-versa? probably both.)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My brother

I miss my brother. For those who don't know, my 24 yr old brother died from pedestrian/car accident April 25. I'm jazzed about my book signing and wenton facebbok to tell people and saw brothers name and that my sisters and brothers are missing him too. I wish he could be here. So bro, this ones for you :)

I'm here

So my internet is still working. For how long. IDK. But since it's on...

I finished flyers for my book signing. I've read my email, I'm doing my blog, skipping my daily alerts/comments stuff my marketing coach has me doing, and next, I'll try for facebook, see if it will work today.

After that it'll be off to book store with flyers and painting. Have to do minor detail work on piece that I don't want to work on. I'll just get on it now. yeah.

For those who ordered my book online and aren't going to be at my family reunion, would you like to set up a signing? Maybe at park? I'm thinking of somewhere everyone can access. I'll keep you posted.

Signing, JULY 4, 11-3 at yakima Borders

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I'm so excited! I love being a writer. I can't sleep. I have a book signing set up at a book store. I have one set up at my family reunion. That's fun :) I have to sleep. I've got a ton of work to do tomorrow!! What a crazy day! Family has been helpful today. What a difference having help makes. May not have internet tomorrow, and, since I can't sleep anyway, thought I'd give one last post until the internet is working. :)

Book Signing!

THE BOOK SIGNING IS HERE, HURRAH!!!! My first book signing is at borders in Yakima, July 4th, from 11-3. Wish me luck! The event coordinator has said it will either be a busy or empty day, LOL and for the same reason - the holiday- but we can do another one later in the summer. I know we've been waiting for this for a while so I went with the earlier date (I have a signing in Idaho on the 17-18th of July. I have lots of family in Idaho) because it would have been end of July or beginning of August. Way too far away.

For those who want a copy, they only ordered 20 so get there ASAP. I have a feeling it will be slow at first then BAM! Honestly, if I can get ahold of everybody, I had more than a hundred people asking me when it'd get to borders.

Can we say yeah!!!


Okay. made it through the day. Got some writing done. Got some cleaning done. Talked to my kids. Husband talked to kids. Hopefully things will be better. In time I've actually written, less than hour, versus marketing/blogging/networking/ I've been able to do over thousand words! The characters have decided what's happening next, so I'm allowed to put it down on cyber paper now. :)

I've been paid my first payment for artwork last night, and have another one I'll get paid for next month! It's exciting! After all the time I've dreamed of getting paid to write and paint it all seems to be slowly happening at once.

I'm anxious to hear back on my shortstories. It'd sure be nice to get royalty payments right away. My book, Rebellion on Piza 7 wasn't released with much time for this quarters paycheck :(

I'm so excited to have learned so much from edittorent's blog. it's improving my writing and I'm going to have to go through all my books and rewrite the sections that need it and improve the flow. Now if I can only figure out the damn query letter I'd have so many stories sold I'd be unable to keep up, even with my supergirl speed of typing. LOL


I didn't get my post written yesterday. I did get one of my short stories submitted to a publisher, though. It's hard being the only one in the family having a license. I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off (have you ever seen this? It's a very apropo comment! BTW I don't suggest you ever see this if you have problem with blood or gore :). I went crazy mom/wife last night. I yelled at my husband and the kids heard cuz some of it was for them.

I'm tired of coming home and having to take care of things that really should have been done while I was gone. I have heard many women talk about how their husbands can't/won't do this or that (including myself) but my husband is so much more capable than that. So are my kids. But they choose not to be.

My teenagers start work today. One of the reasons I was so upset last night, is the stuff I wanted done yesterday isn't done. Everyone is supposed to do hour of chores everyday unless the house is Martha Stewart perfect. I don't care what kind of work they do once the main stuff is done (dishes, laundry) but I can't even get a half hour of the main stuff out of them. Now they're all off to work. Everyone already treats my writing like a hobby or worst, patronize me about it. I've been published. I've had sales. Next month we will get money. It's a job.

Of course, when I was working full time plus, I still couldn't get them to do anything. I'd come home at 8, no dinner and a dirty kitchen so I couldn't even make dinner. I'M NOT DOING THAT AGAIN. I'm not going to spend eight hours a day cleaning and cooking while everyone else comes home and lays around. I have a job too. The only thing that's going to get my time away from writing outside of my research and necessary marketing stuff, is my kids.

Since that's the only advantage to working from home for me, I'm going to take advantage. But I'm tired of the excuses and only getting help when they feel like it, or when I go b***** on their a****. BTW did I say I'm angry? I've spent all my working years coming home to crap and having to be the heavy hand and make everyone get chores done so now I'm just a grumpy b****. I get accused of having to have things my way. FINE. GUESS WHAT/ NOW THINGS ARE GOING TO BE MY WAY. Things have gotten so bad that now, instead of being late half the time he goes anywhere, my son and his friend think they can lollygag around and stop to eat AFTER the time I told them I needed him home. His friend keeps saying "We just stopped for food." I could just scream. They went 20 minutes out of their way to stop for food in a place with like 5 (Literally 5) restaurants instead of bringing him home to where there are over hundred restaurants and food in the house. AND they didn't get it to go. They stayed there and ate!

I called the friends mom as this is an ongoing theme with the boys and haven't heard back. She's with the boys. It was just food. I COULD SCREAM. It was just another blatant blowing off of the curfew I've set. There's always an excuse. We were tired. We over slept. I wanted this or that. I had one time a few weeks ago that I got called 2 hours after the curfew that his mom was too tired to go the 2 miles off the free way she needed to to bring him home. They had promised he would be home by ten. midnight is not the time to call me and say you're not coming home.

I'm going to call her again in few days. If I don't like what I hear he is not going to concert at the end of the summer with them. Am I jsut being pissy? Or would you go crazy if your son and his friend repeatedly came home after the time set? And wouldn't you be upset if the mom didn't give a s*** either?

Monday, June 15, 2009


Wow, I found THE site to help me. It's one of the blogs I'm following. I've learned so much in such a short period of time. It's really helping me, escept when I don't apply it to writing LOL! Anyways, I've already fixed multiple problems that have bothered me in my manuscripts. I dind't get my hoped for word count, but what I did get will make my word count thrive and be so much more than words.

Check out my website that IS up and running :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I love to write and paint, and yet, even those aren't always on my agenda. Today, I will do both. Or if I don't paint, I'll at least set something up in my sketchbook. I have a commission I have to start sketching for. I've worked out a couple of composition ideas in my head and need to put them to paper to see how I like them. I do 16 x 20 without thinking about composition. It pretty much comes naturally. As the canvases get larger, I have to think more. I also have to step back and look at it more to make sure I haven't made a serious error or left out a major problem. I also have found a major knack for 12 x 30 (what a weird size to find an affinity with! but then again, I've never done anything the "normal" way lol)

It seems that I'm channeling Georgia O'keefe or something. In fact, when my instructor saw what I was working on he stood there for a bit, looking at it. It was an extra credit assignment, and I had no real parameters. It just had to be good. He turned to me and said, been talking to Georgia O'Keefe have you? And I laughed. I'm thicker on paint because I work with oils and don't dilute much unless trying for a specific effect. Even so, when looking at certain pieces, you have to wonder if this is how O'Keefe would have painted with oils and palette knife.

I need to write my 5k+ words today to make up for yesterday and Friday's serious lack of words. I only wrote like 1200 words yesterday. UGH NOT ENOUGH. I have to many stories in my head waiting to get out. And there not all the same type, much less the same genre! Makes me crazy, or maybe, it all truly is why I'm still even the slightest bit sane. Wish me luck!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blood Traitors

The title of my next book in the Martilian series is Blood Traitors. I've recently been inspired on how to get where I want to go. Right now, I'm a quarter to third of the way done, what with changes and stuff. By the end of next week I should be half way or more, depending on how fast I get the editing back.

I've started to read Rebellion on Piza 7. Seemed funny to me at first, but there's something different about reading it in book form. The experience is not the same as reading it on my computer looking for errors, or going through, seeing the stuff that got missed. After a comment from one of my readers on facebook, I decided to try reading it to see if I enjoyed it, but also to help me find the flow for Blood Traitors.

As previously stated, I'm at a crux in my story.had originally intended them to get to the home planets of Phalo and Onch before too long. But it looks like too much is happening on the ship. May not get there until the end. My final in the Martilian Trilogy (at least from Savannah's POV LOL) will have to take up the home planets. The Martilian Planets are so real to me, I can feel the energy and the past and present that they've combined to keep the disaster that caused them to leave Mars and Crimson from happening again (if you want to know about the disaster, you'll have to read about it in Rebellion on Piza 7 LOL)

I've hinted at some of the meshing of the past and present in Rebellion on Piza 7. But, when they get to Phalo and Onch, you will truly see this happening. It's one of the reasons I wanted them to get to the home planets so badly. But the story and characters are not letting that happen. The traitors will not wait until they've arrived on planet. They keep trying to kill people and take over the ship through physical and psychic means, leaving Savannah and her bondsmen with severe problems on their hands.

how to get the images in my head onto paper? That is the dilemna. Part of me suspects, I'll end up painting some of them with oil paints as well as words before all is said and done. If so, I'll try to post them. Maybe on my website? IDK if that's possible, will have to ask my publicist and friend extrodinair.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rebellion on Piza 7

Thank you to everyone who has bought a book! I've said it before, and I'll probably say it again. Especially as a new author, it's exciting to know people have actually picked it up. some of you have told me you have ordered, but my guess is that there's more who've ordered and not said much. Post comments about the book here, after any blog I post. I'd love some feed back. Also, I'm at a cruz. I've changed my mind about a couple of things and the second book is likely to be longer. This one was just over 71k words. The next one will be 80-90k words, easy.

What I'd like from the readers, is ideas about who they want to know more about? Who tickled their fance so to speak, and now you want more information. Background, maybe bigger part in whole, or who did you hate? What did you like best about it?

I'm struggling to keep the next book as exciting or better than the first. As a reader, I know how disappointing it is if the second book flops. Maybe I'm putting too much pressure on myself, but I want the best book, and a new book, not a repeat of the first. You know what I mean?

Blood Traitors is proving to be tricky, but it's setting up for the final book in what has turned into a trilogy. Never fear. The story resolves itself, but you will want to read more. :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So everyone old enough to have a job in the house (except me) has a job. Perhaps I'll get more time to myself! My husband may have second job that'll provide benefits! Cool if it works out; should leave me with more time for painting and writing.

Writing not going so well last few days. Had some last minute changes to make on paintings that I took in to be included in the vote. We all vote to choose a painting for student show. My professor and I used veto power and chose something different than the popular vote. Of course that means I can't sell it before then. lol

Then I painted small pic of how my ear infections felt going over the mountain passes for brother's funeral. I sketched one of the elven fighters from LOTR on mon. Today, I woke up and had to paint. I got up, sketched out composition, then painted. It's pretty stunning. In one more year I'm going to be stupendous painter and writer that only a select group of people will have ever heard of.

But they will have a good story or work of art!!

Back to writing now. Enjoy the book. If you ordered my book when press release went out, you should have your copy soon!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Oh boy

I've spent a lot of time tracking down distributers and trying to get the book for sale in "brick and mortar" stores. I've also spent beaucoup time painting and writing this week. I've led a very full life this week. I've gotten to spend lots of time with my children despite the rest of the things going on. I've written a romance short story which I've submitted to harlequin. I hope it goes :D. i'm working on lots of stories right now.

I read a wide variety of types and styles and I find my mood for writing to be similar. Therefore, I write what I'm in the mood to read. Otherwise I find elements that don't belong in the story I'm working on and just erase it anyway. This way is proving to be much more productive. I have another story about a third completed, that's not the sequel to Rebellion.

I'm rewriting the first four chapters, and putting things in different order for Blood Traitors, so my mind is busy working out the problems. When it figures out what I want to do, I will be working madly to get my ideas into the story before they are lost.

Right now, I'm in the mood for hard hitting romance that may or may not include paranormal elements. My short story included angels and demons. The other romance is military men and women. Blood Traitors is NOT a romance, although their will always be elements in my writitng because when I write, I incorporate people and people are about relationships. Their motivations, what makes them tick, what causes people to make good or bad decisions are what makes a story interesting in my book (ha ha pun intended lol).

In Blood Traitors, I started off too slow with too much explanation. NO NO NO!!! I'm fixing it and including more interesting elements and less explanation in some places and more in others. I want readers to enjoy the book if they haven't read Rebellion on Piza 7, but I DO NOT want those who've read Rebellion to be bored out of their minds on the repeats. Wish me luck in my endeavor!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Rebellion on Piza 7

It's been an interesting day. Thank you to everyone whose buying and/or bought a book! Good news is Ingram has said they are now showing Rebellion On Piza 7 for sale! Borders here we come! I'll keep people posted. People are sending out congrats and well wishes and it sure helped my stress of finishing my painting.

It is huge 40 x 48" It's the biggest one I've ever done. It's really helped me to destress on the stuff that keeps going 'not quite right' with my book release. Except for when it looked all wrong. But it's coming out okay now. Last night I wanted to cry because the composition and proportions were all wrong.

Now I am left with figuring out the claws for the forefeet and hindfeet (is that what they're called on a dragon) and the details on the face. I finally, after hours of doing and redoing the skin texture I finally found something that worked and felt "DUH" because I KNOW how to do texture but because it's my final my brain was stuck on stupid.

Anytime I got stuck on my painting I'd check my email for any news on the book front. Having the congrats really helped me get past the frozen stage of being able to create. The artists version of writer's block.

I will stop by Border's tomorrow and see if the event person is in and set up my Borders order and book signing. I will keep everyone posted on how it goes. Good night to everyone and god speed.