Friday, July 31, 2009

we are leaving

Finally, we are leaving for Texas. I'm leaving my daughter and many friends behind. I'm also leaving lots of my special things behind. I'm really afraid and going out on a limb, but we are chasing a dream...

Hope to be back regularly soon. Thanks to all who helped make this possible!!

Wish us luck :) Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I deal with a myriad of emotions that comes from leaving your things behind...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Moving is a pain

Whether you're moving across town or across the country there are some basic pain in the butts involved and we've had a few extra thrown in.

I haven't been able to write on any of my stories since last Friday. Monday night I stared at the screen for half an hour but had writers block. So much is going on.

We opened our show Monday night, which runs through next Wed. That pesky old thermostat problem turned into blown headgasket, the same day we bought the thermostat (MON). Of course it blew on the way home, so it took two hours to get home. So no vehicle, packing like crazy, and have to find a way to get to parts store to fix one of our cars. (we're looking for parts to fix the car whose problem isn't mechanical at this point)

My sister is being an issue again. Plus, my older kids dad and his extended family decided to call my 16 year old names for coming with me to texas. I had a little talk with him, although I had to wait over a day before my temper cooled off. He came over when he knew I was gone to my show to do this. Got that one fixed.

All in all, my week has been hectic, fraught with emotional chaos, and physically tiring. The best thing I've been able to accomplish is a painting for the play. I started it sunday night/monday morning. One of my best portraits, and I did it in one and half hours with a palette knife and bits of brush for details.

I'm kind of stuck on my stories because I'm at the research stage for a tangent I took on each of them and I haven't had time to research. I do have other ideas could work on so may have to go that route. Wish me luck in getting to write more the next few days.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The news

It's time for my scary and exciting news.

We are moving to Texas! I don't know the exact date because something keeps going wrong. We have no real prospects where we are at in our chosen professions (although I can write anywhere, I also have art) Theatre and Oil paintings. I have a friend in Texas (Donna who has commented here) and she is going to help us get started. The San Antonio (Yes that's where we are going!) theatres are union, so he will get more money for less hours and to top it off there are more theatres!

We will miss people here, but we will be making a better life for our family. My youngest with Down Syndrome will have a lot more oppurtunities for work and other schooling opportunities in the meantime. My oldest son will have more options in the field he is looking for (construction) than up north here.

We are getting everything together, but our car started overheating today. We are theorizing the thermostat isn't working right, or something, we shall see. One more thing to do before we leave. GRRRRR.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's been awhile

Finished this weeks dress rehearsals and prepping to move has made this week absolutely crazy. I've missed my thousand one day, but not sure how much I got because I wrote early the next morning. So I'm counting it all on one day and non on the other :( On the other hand, I've been working on getting a job, and still managing to write for the most part, so I'm glad.

Today, I have to paint a commissioned painting, then pack my paint so I can get to it if I find something I don't like before I move :) Knowing me, i'll see something I want to fix before I've finished packing the paints LOL

Stay tuned because next Monday, I have big news. I'm crazy excited about it, but extremely nervous.

I started a blog three times this week and didn't get it finished for one reason or the other. Go ahead and berate me in the comment section. I'm stalled on Blood Traitors for now as I have revisions to do...

BTW my website is down due to technical difficulties. My friend is trying to fix things. :) When I dig up my direct links again I'll post them.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm still here :)

I'm still here, dealing with "other" stuff has kept me from doing my full amount of blogging, marketing and networking. Here's a quick update.

I'm particiapating in a 1k word a day contest, and I'm very glad I did! Somedays I can write 4k thousand words no sweat, but because of schedules and all the other life stuff, it's been work to keep up the 1k a day, but it has helped.

The best news? I won the first week with over 8400 words! Woot woot. I've written like five so far tonight, but I have a half an hour left. All kinds of things can happen to my characters within a half an hour (evil laugh)

Hope everyon'es weekend is going well, and please give me any feedback on my book after you have read it! It is my first novel so I'm way open to opinions and suggestions. Also, let me know who your favorite characters are. PS My edits are going well, hopefully by Thursday will have excerpts from Blood Traitors, next in series after Rebellion on Piza 7, on my web page,

My webpages have links to my publisher site to buy the book and my twitter and my kindle. Also, feel free to email me at for questions, insights, and suggestions, or any constructive criticism :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Market Place Deli

I'm doing well in writing despite the craziness of my life and my allergies. Plus, I'm managing to plug my book and get more sold. Of course, I won't see the results of anything sold now, until October, but the momentum is starting to roll :)

The Market Place Deli is holding a book signing. The date to be determined when we have the books ETA. She ordered fifteen, but we will probably order more as they sell :) She is also going to put some in her other espresso shop, Tomtoms uptown. I'll get the address for that when they are placed.

The Market Place Deli is on Yakima Ave, across from old Yakima Mall and next to Cheshire Used Books. The back entrance is in the alley next to Capitol Theatre. She makes the bes frappaccinos.

As I had no volunteers for being my task master, I've surprised myself at the amount of words I've been able to write this last week. Between allergies, baby, other kids, looking for work, driving my kids looking for work, driving my husband to his work (last week of work before unemployment), rehearsals and general life stuff, I'm surprised I've gotten anything done!

I also took my daughter to doctor. I went twice to pharmacy because of insurance stuff (still didn't get any meds UGH). However, I did see someone who had been at borders when I did my book signing, although he hadn't seen me.

I said, "Hey, you were at Borders Saturday. I was there signing books. I couldn't remember how I knew you until you'd left."

"Yeah, I was there. Wait, did you say you were signing books?"

"Yes, I did."

"Cool, what kind of book. I have always wanted to write. I've written some but, you know." Back to clicking in the computer entering our insurance stuff.

"It's a science fiction adventure."

"Awesome! I love science fiction. I'm reading E**** (sorry can't remember name. I want to say Eric something though) right now. The stuff I'm doing is more like comic book stuff, but I can't draw."

"I'll draw them for you, at least I can try."

"You're an artist too?"

"Yeah, I've never done comic book stuff, but I can see what happens."

"Wow." blah blah insurance stuff.... then, "I'll definitely get your book. My boss loves to read, too. In fact, I'll call Borders and have them save me a copy."

"okay, if you have it when I come back, I'll sign it."

"I'll do that! Okay see you soon."

I have to go back and get meds, but at least someone else is going to buy my book. who knew that having to go to the pharmacy all the time would eventually help my writing career?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Keep on going

I’m long winded and generous with my advice so here goes:

I’m an artist as well as writer. This morning I was telling my husband about the AH fiasco. I told him I kind of understood it, although I don’t want to know how many flies I caught when I saw the personal telephone number listed of the reviewer.
As an artist, I paint what I want to paint, everything from landscapes to the surreal. In my latest art class, I became a palette knife artist. I hated the knife on my previous attempts, in and out of class, so it was a big surprise.
In between classes, I picked up art instruction books, art history books, looked online, and practiced. It had been five years from the last class I was able to take and my recent one. I didn’t stop painting because I wasn’t in class and it became something I craved when I couldn’t do it.
Because of my health (asthma, allergies) I would have to put my paints away for awhile, sometimes months. When I’d go back to the painting, I’d see things I had missed the first time. Why? Because I didn’t spend my time away from my paints away from art. Because of all the reading and learning I’d done, I was able to apply it to the paintings when I’d go back.
I also started writing. I applied the same principles to my writing. I keep learning even if I can’t write. I read voraciously, all genres. I read writing blogs and magazines. When I went back to my MS I could apply those principles that I’d picked up since I last looked at it.
It’s been 1 and ½ years since I started writing seriously (as in finish a novel) and I’m published. I may not make it big off my first book, but I’ve learned a lot in the process of getting there.
Applying these lessons helps you to get ahead and makes your next work that much better. If you believe in your work, keep querying, keep learning, and apply all of it to your next book. I took a six month hiatus due to health issues from everything except the care of my family. I had a baby with Down Syndrome (November 1) and had to move my family of seven around the holidays.
However, I’ve managed to write three novels, one published, four short stories, and I’m working on three others. Why? Because I didn’t spend my time away from writing away from the industry. If writing is your dream, don’t give up no matter what gets in the way. Keep learning and keep trying.

Whatever your dream is, don't give up because life gets in the way. Go around life and come out on top!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Muse oh muse

Hope everyone's fourth went well. Today, I went to help with set build (didn't do much) late, after being up all night with baby. Brought work home to do. Haven't written **** today. I'm very tired. Between allergies and baby, I can hardly function. But, I'm going to keep at it!! That's what counts!!!

I look forward to next book signing, and hope all of you have a chance to get my book and pass the word on before next time!!

PS quite by accident, Jhoar has become more important in Blood Traitors than planned! But then Daniel-Jirel kind of worte himself into my story, so I should be getting used to pushy characters, right?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Book Signing!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Family and friends who came and supported me, you have a huge gratitued of thanks. I sold fifteen books of Rebellion on Piza 7 (yeah, ways to go before we're Laurel Hamilton here), and some people didn't make it who were going to, so perhaps will get more sales next week. Borders only (see previous post, not upset at "only 20") ordered 2o for my initial signing, but that was fine. They weren't as busy as they expected, but the people who came in for my signing probably spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 so the people at borders are happy that I was there :)

They want me to do another signing, possibly before school starts, but she also mentioned teacher's appreciation week in October :) I'm thrilled. My husband and MIL were there and it's a good thing we planned it that way as my DIL, AKA babysitter for today, was called into work for sat (almost never works sat but b/c of other circs...) so I ended up bringing baby (big hit with family who drove hour plus to be there) and the boys played video games with their brother in law to be. So it worked out.

Apparently, in this area, it's not been unheard of to have book signings with zero sales, and 1-2 is pretty common so I'm pretty stoked with my 15, plus I generated interest for more, the staff included so it could lead to lots more.

My birth father showed up with my cousin from Benton City ( hour plus drive0 and he said that around midnight he'd opened it up to read a couple of pages before bed and stayed up all night reading it because he couldn't put it down!! (At least he didn't sound completely surprised LOL) MY MIL said as she read it, she kept forgot it was MY book and was engrossed in the story. Since she'd help edit early visions, this was good news! These are the kind of things an author wants to hear!!

Having family read your book and say it was good is expected and part of the support. Having family read your book and not be able to put it down is excellent and makes me feel glad that I was able to give something back for that support.

Now I need to work on the next one... Inklings is my next target...

I didn't make my numbers yesterday and I'm going to have to work to get todays numbers but I'm working on it.

http:/ Soon I'll be posting bits out of the sequel :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Other links

I'm going to try and link my Down Syndrom blog and this one. I haven't figured out how yet. I will after I run out of things ot say on my story and get done picking up apps with my kids who are now out of a job. My daughter is allergic to it (no joke, her allergies were so bad she could hardly breath. Doc said stuff was bothering her from warehouse) and my son's friend got fired so my son quit. I'm glad he's loyal. The excuse he gave was they fired his ride. I've been giving him rides lately because his friend wasn't their because of Doctor's appointment and then didn't have time the next day. I did the back of the head Gibbs thing to him and said I would give hime a ride, but it was too late. So we're back to looking for work, but at least I don't have to get up at 530 am to leave the house, only to feed baby. (Who was up most of the night)

I'm over a thousand words already, so today is going better as far as my work goes, but I haven't done my marketing/networking stuff yet today. I haven't even checked my email yet. But at least my words are flowing :) Everyone have a kick ass day!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Other Blog

I started another blog. This one is about Down Syndrome. I encourage everyone who has a down syndrome kid or who knows one to read it and to tell others. It's meant to be a positive support for other parents.
It dawned on me as I was writing something else that I needed a blog with my Down Syndrome encouragement to other parents. I hate the negativity tha abounds about being the parent of a kid with special needs.

Please encourage anyone with any special needs child to participate. I want parents to have a place to discuss their hardships and recieve positive help and encouragement, not judgement or fear.

In other news, I'm in two writing contests for the month of July and I've at least 700 more words to go. (My blogs DON'T count LOL) I only wrote 300 as part of editing yesterday because I knew I was starting these contests today and gave myself a break. I hadn't planned on it, but common sense won out, mostly because I took my daughter to the doctor. Her allergies were giving her issues.

My allergies are giving me some issues. But I won't let it stop me now! I'm on a roll. I have to print out blood traitors and make Nathan do the edits he has to do. He's making me crazy. (I know short trip and all that) :) Anyways, I'm excited to be writing so much. I figured out that I wrote over 30k in 7 days before yesterday, once I added up my totals from the last I remembered (I had 12k on two stories. Now, I have almost 30 on one, over 13 on another, I wrote a 11,300 historical novella, and worked on another short I wrote last year. I'm turning it into a long novel. I had apparently missed some in my counting. Although, I know that monday, I did a large portion of these numbers. I think I was off by 2k when I counted, forgetting it was 'same day' writing LOL

Plus all the blogging and commenting for networking and marketing. So it's prbably closer to 50k words for the week. :)

Still no takers on the whip master for my July writing...

okay, I have to get back to drawing board er, rather keyboard. (don't want tempt mtself away!)