Sunday, August 23, 2009

Writing, of course

With my handy dandy laptop out of commission, I'm seriously thinking of starting a new WIP. The fantasy adventure is a short story that I'm inserting stuff to, which is much harder than free flow writing for me. I do have a couple of short film stories to write once I've done a bit more research. I'm procastinating severly cuz I'm sure I have some good pages I've saved on my laptop that would be helpful but I can't remember the name of to look up again.

Thinking Science fiction again, but I really, really want to get my hands into a juicy mystery. Maybe something along the lines of JD ROBB's futuristic mysteries? Hmmm, something to definietly consider....

Nate has a work study and another flat fee for a second job that takes the pressure off of me to have a full time job. Had a thought to go get part time job at a Farmers agents place as a CSR so I can have more time to write and paint :)

Everyone have a good day, and look to your dreams.

May the force be with you.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I got a comp working

although I can't work on my current hot projects, I do have material on this computer to work on. It's definitely fantasy as it has dragons, warriors mages, mages, warriors, general magic and adventure. It started as a short story which got good reviews from lots of people, but it has a lot of passive voice that slows down the story. It is a good story with a good premise, so It's worth the fix. :) I'm also applying like mad to all kinds of places.

I did an oil pastel Sunday night. It's my niece from my brother Isaac. It's his first girl and I was inspired by the pic I got. It's pretty cool. One day I'll figure out how to get post pics on this. For now, I'm trying to figure out how to get pics off my camera. I don't seem to have the proper cord. And the adapter for my itty bitty disk is packed - SOMEWHERE. Maybe my friend will have one.

The kids are all doing OK, except Isaac (my baby with Downs) has a cold or something. It's a little worrisome but so far he seems okay. School will start soon, and with the advent of school, I'm hoping for more writing time. Yeah!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

oh yeah

So, I got my inspiration, was finishing up some research points and my laptop quit working. Its something to do with the cord and/or connection. But that is where my story is. I have others on another computer and it's turning into a joke at this point. I managed to get here with all the cords (including power strips) except the ones that power the pc and monitor. I have my speakers, printer, printer power, Usb extender, wireless connections, etc. My friend found a cord, so we are on a roll. Hopefully we will get somewhere, soon. I have brilliant ideas whenever I can't write, so hopefully they will still be good later :)

Keep your fingers crossed that I get a job and that I sell a story. My family can really use the leg up right now.

May the force be with you all. :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I need inspiration for a scene in Winds of Fire, just outside of Chicago. I have an aquaintance that has been there, so maybe I'll ask him for some info. I'm also needing a good scriptwriter program, but that'll have to wait until I can afford some extras that aren't really needed. I have to finish the stories I'm working on and start sending out the queries. Sigh. Maybe I'm avoiding finishing them so I don't have to write query letters? They are the bane of many a writers existence. If you don't do it just right, you may kill your book before you've ever started.

I can't remember if I said this yesterday, but I don't think so. We went to go on our first excursion in our own vehicle, alone, and guess what? Our tire was flat. I could hardly believe it. It was very flat - as in you do not get to drive it to Les Schwaab's or anywhere else. You have to take the tire in, in another vehicle, or drive on your spare, if it's not flat, too!

On Blood Traitors, I need a copy of my book. Ironic, huh? In the move my book got lost/misplaced or something. I tried to order, but my card wouldn't go through. I hate that card. It's a master card, but it only works at selected locations. UGH.

Oh well, back to square one.

Friday, August 7, 2009


So we arrived safely about midnight of the fifth. Spent yesterday cleaning and trying to assimilate the fact that I'm 2k miles away from family and friends (sans the one I'm living with :) My kids are doing great. Edward said this is the best house he's ever been in. Not looking forward to when he has to live in the house WE can afford. You know, the one with one game station and very limited games, no tv to play the games on, and no play room. Oh well, in the meantime, the boys are loving the time with others around their age.

I've already started taking my paintings around to show and I've seen the scene for the one act I'm writing for blunt force productions. I've also talked to Donna about getting my hands on one of her anatomy books that I need for a bloody scene in my romantic thriller, Winds of Fire, as I have packed my book and put it in storage. I'vealso managed to leave MY book at home so can't look up what I need for Blood Traitors. Tried to use my credit card but it is notorious for not working.

Getting ready to apply for jobs and hopefully that will leave to get out of my friends hair in a relatively short period of time.

wish me luck in getting back to regular writing.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today is it, I hope

The car is slated to be finished today! can we say yeah....

I'm so excited to be moving to our new life. I'm missing a few things left behind, and still have things that have to be dealt with, but for the most part, things are for the better. Even my husband and I seem to be changing. Our attitudes and stresses are not the same as they were. Don't get me wrong, there are a few things that haven't changed, but we both are bringing new outlooks to the table. This has been good, and in some ways, I believe it's helping me deal a little more with my grief over my brother's death.

I'm not getting a lot of support from my family, partially due to my sister pushing me out. But largely due to the fact that "Leona's dealing with it better than anyone else." People close to me are like, "duh, she's had to deal with a lot more than the rest of you." My family seems to think it means I don't need any help or support in dealing with my grief. My husband and I went through a rough patch at that time, so I've felt very alone until recently. I've started reaching out to my husband and talking about it a little more.

Mostly, I've just been announcing it, like a news feed. Maybe, I'll be able to start moving along with my healing processes. My grief comes and goes and some days are harder than others. If I can write and immerse myself into my stories, or paint and focus on the paintings, I'll have better days. Lately, however, those days have been few and far between and the grief is welling to the surface more and more with less activities to help channel it. It's almost a set back to closer to the time he died. It's been three months, but sometimes, it feels like yesterday.

I know he'd be thrilled for our move, and I catch myself wishing I could get on facebook and tell him stuff. When we made the final decision to leave, I listed him in the people to contact page. I almost cried right there in Costco!

Wish me luck in finding time to channel that emotion into writing and painting. I do some of my best work at those times.

Off to clean the hotel room. Watch out TEXAS, here we come!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Let's try again, shall we

Okay, yesterday I did two fabulous posts that didn't post. Try extreme frustration here.

Okay, many of you know and have been part of the solution, but we are stranded in Roswell for the time being. Our tranny went out a few miles out of town. We limped back to Roswell and are now awaiting the fix of our vehicle.

We are all having a good time, although I'm starting to get bored and antsy. Without a vehicle, there isn't much to do. With the baby, my swim/spa time is limited. Hence the boredom. The boys are loving the swim time. They must have swam for 8 hours yesterday.

Yesterday's blog was so much better as boredom hadn't hit yet, LOL

The broken down vehicle hasn't stressed me as much as usual and Nate and I are patiently waiting to continue on to Texas. I most likely will be working at michaels in some capacity. I'll probably sign on in some capacity for theatre work as I do have 10 years experience.

Monday, August 3, 2009


test - written two full length posts that have disappeared. My friend and publicist went on and la-di-da it worked ugh