Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yeah I've got a buddy :)

So I've got a buddy for next month's writing excursion and it's someone from one of the blogs I follow :) You can have more, but I'm happy I even got one zippidy do dah zippidy day. **music** la la

So now I just have to decide on a story. I really want to write. I can feel it. Just have to make up my mind. Having too many ideas can be as bad as not having any. I could do the sequel to Winds of Fire as I have that story pretty much worked out. I have over 42k words on Winds of Fire (I cut over 1000 in recent times and then had to rewrite, if you remember, I think I blogged about it) I finally surpassed the other and then didn't do much more writing because I was busy editing. I'd take out as much as I'd rewrite. phew. Now it's time for the paper edit. Always a gruesome process. Red Ink all over the place....

But as it's close to getting finished - tow more major scenes and possibly love scene and tie ups. so I could feasably do a rough draft of the sequel. (Not telling the title until I have to nana)

thinking, thinking, thinking,

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