Wednesday, October 28, 2009

NaNoWriMo contest

Well, although I've not seen much in the way of posts, I have heard that my husband isn't the only one who finds familiarity in my horror story. So that will have to be done later. Maybe in a novel filled with 3 short horror stories :) I've had the idea swimming in my head in one way or another for five years. I even have a charcoal that shows the guy at his desk. :)

So that takes it down to the other two unless someone who's heard me talking about story ideas remembers one I told them that I haven't written. OH! That reminds me, I do have an historical short I was thinking of making a novel. Hmmm.... choices choices. Feel free to express your opinion. Those who know me, know I will do as I feel is right. At this point, I'm too full of ideas and I'm looking for direction.

I am getting everything ready for my husband to edit whats done so far on Blood Traitors and Winds of Fire as soon as Antigone is done :) yeah, I'm stuck on Blood traitors until its done. I really need to buy another copy of my book as well for continuity issues LOL.

On the home front, my daughter's tests came back negative for Mono. So I'm a very relieved mother. Although I did get a few jobes in about who she's been kissing
***insert big grin here****

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  1. Hi, Leona!

    Just stopping by to share a few thyroid tricks I've learned over the years. Take selenium supplements every day, and avoid magnesium. If you can, eat foods high in the amino acid tyrosine, or take supplements. (Sunflower seeds are good for that -- I sprinkle them on my salads. Also cottage cheese has a good amount of tyrosine.) Pay attention to your body. You'll probably crave carbs for that quick elevation in body temp, but things like raw spinach might sharpen your mind better. Certain times in the month might be better or worse for you. You'll learn over time what helps and what hurts, but these are some of the things I've figured out.

    I get so mad at my doctor when he tells me thyroid conditions are easy to live with. They might be easier than other chronic problems, but there are still plenty of challenges.

    Good luck with nano!

    Theresa from Edittorrent