Monday, October 26, 2009

back on the internet

Wow, finally back on the internet. I am living in San Antonio. Today is a grey day. I was taking my baby to the pumpkin patch but I literally have six inches of water in my carport. I am from Washington, but not the westside. The east side of the mountains are MUCH drier. This is discombobulating (I have no idea if I spelled that right!) not to mention depressing.

Since my last post we have found housing and are living about 15 minutes from nates school/work. I have pretty much set up housing as best we can with having 90 percent of our things back in Yakima. We are going without a TV but I think the consensus is we ARE getting a microwave. Anyone ever try to make hot pockets on the stove top. The crust is yummy but the insides aren't quite cooked.

I signed up for NaNoWriMo. The catch is I can't use a previous story I'm working on. So I'll be getting out a couple of my stories I've had swimming around in the mass of jelly we call brains, dust it off, and hope to finish it in one month. Yep, that's write, the goal is to write a novel of at least 50k in one month. I know I can do this, but it means getting down to brass tacks...

Hmmm, fantasy, or another sci-fi. Maybe I can get both ideas out and have people's input?

Glad to be back and hope to hear from everyone soon :) (Yes I would like comments, especially on excerpts, even if you have a problem. Believe me, the editing process is grueling and the earlier I catch mistakes, the less problematic they are!)


  1. Hi Leona! I'm from the wet side of Washington and it's very, very wet today. I hope you get that microwave, soon. I just found a cake you can make in the microwave that is delicious. ;)

    I'm very, very impressed that you can write with five children. I have three and am pretty much constantly in a state of catch up with them!

  2. Oooh, my kind of cake! I can bake just about anything EXCEPT a cake LOL. We will probably get our Microwave this weekend :)

    It's great to hear from you and look forward to reading more of your comments, etc, on the various blogs we both read.