Sunday, September 27, 2009


Chapter 1

Private airfield near Toppenish, WA

“My mom told me never to trust anyone who looked too good to be true. I should have listened.” Victoria Cunningham’s voice was loud to be heard over the wind, gunfire and plane noise. Her fiery red hair whipped around her face as it escaped its confines she had relegated it to. Her muscular body moved with grace and power as she fought off her attackers.

Her green eyes snapped her anger at not only the man firing his weapons at her while giving orders for others to do so, but at herself. Erica’s blue eyes were snapping their own fire only slightly less volatile then Victoria’s fury.

Victoria and Erica had been fast friends ever since they’d gone to the same boot camp right out of high school. Their friendly rivalry had kept both of them at the top of their game and caught the eye of a special recruiter visiting their base.

In looks alone the two of them turned heads. Victoria had the height to be a model, five eight, but Erica was only five six. Erica’s blonde hair made the perfect foil to Victoria’s red and together they looked as all American as an Army poster. They were also deadly accurate as many Army commanders could ask for.

Victoria knew Erica watched her closely and that her comment wouldn’t go unchallenged. She calmly reloaded her Glock as shots rang out around her.

She and Erica had hit it off as best friends in and out of the army. After their recruitment for special ops, they had learned how to recognize lies and deceptive behavior using body language and verbal cues. They’d also learned to control their own idiosyncrasies and be believable undercover. Erica knew this and she would also know that their training caused Victoria to take Kurt’s defection and lies very personally. Victoria shot at the plane, trying to incapacitate the plane before takeoff and keep Kurt ducking and away from his getaway plane.

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