Monday, September 7, 2009


I sent in one small paragraph from Winds of Fire for editing re commas, etc. I also said that I know theres a problem with it so feel free to comment. Boy, did I get comments! It's great! I knew it wasn't right and having constructive criticism really helps. It's pretty fantastic. :) i like it much better now, and I'm going through the rest of the manuscript to apply the comments to the rest of the WIP.

I'm so jazzed to have my laptop back! I need to print out the WIPs I'm working on now and do a paper edit to make sure there are no other problems/inconsistencies and other grammar issues. I'm putting together the art CD. Wish me luck there as well :)

I'm on a roll, but my word count is in the negatives :( I erased over 800 words yesterday and I've only made up a few hundred in the edit corrections. major bummer. But, the story is better and that is the most important. can I get a whoo-hoo!

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