Monday, September 14, 2009

Writer's Block

I'm having a bit of writer's block. Need to print my stories on paper so I can look at them better. It's just not the same on computer screen. It's much harder for me to see mistakes. Plus, I have an easier time finding the flow. All the wonderful ideas I had yesterday have gone with the wind. I couldn't get to the part they needed to happen with enough time to integrate the fabulous new ideas. :( Maybe I'll find them in the re-read.

I'm ready to finish the thriller and my sequel to Rebellion on Piza 7. Blood Traitors will be wonderful as soon as it's finished.

Here's an excerpt from Blood Traitors:

Eagerness and gladness warred with hopelessness and sadness. She couldn’t identify it all. When she tried to delve deeper, the scene shifted. She saw the lights of planets and stars whirling past as if she were in a roller coaster at night. She only had given impressions until she felt Daniel-Jirel’s angry outburst.
“Who would dare! This is The Martilian Royal Ship Marathon. Identify yourself immediately and stand down!” His tone held authority and power but it was lost on whoever was attacking the ship.
He was concentrating on keeping the ship from going into a tail spin from the last blast. The only answer the other ship gave was another blast. This time Savannah saw it on the obsidian screen. He maneuvered the ship and the blast missed.
He again tried to contact the attacking ship. “My readings indicate your ship and crew are from my home world and therefore know the consequences of firing on any royal ship. You will be sentenced to death if you continue as I have clearly identified myself. STAND DOWN!”

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