Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Posting by twitter

There is a romance writer that is posting tweets to "publish" a story. Sounds like something fun for one of my short stories. Will have ot think about that.

Lack of sleep has kept me from being able to write like I want to. Today, the ideas are simmering, which is a marked improvement over yesterday.

If you haven't bought Rebellion on Piza 7, do so and encourage your friends to do do so. Yes this is a shameless attempt at selling my book.! I want to stay home with my baby. I don't mind working, but he needs me. The more I sell the less likely it will be that I have to work full time.

Plus, it will help inspire me to finish Blood Traitors if I get feedback on the characters. I'm at a deciding point - who should go and why and who should stay. I have the mainline for the story throughout the three books pretty much figured. However, I need a couple of Martilians to die, and I need to introduce the mastermind from the home planet. HMMM. Any ideas?

My thriller is being ruthlessly edited by moi. The novel-to-be is going from great to excellent. Mostly from what I'm learning about writing from my lovely blogs on my follow list.

Friday, I will post an excerpt from my thriller, Winds of Fire.

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