Saturday, September 5, 2009

catching up

Sorry its been so long! I've been searching for housing, but the biggest thing is my laptops AC cord went kupooie. i finally set up my other computer, but its in a section of house that has lots of kids or no kids. With lots of kids, I can hardly think. With no kids, I have to worry about where they are. Now that school's started, I have had more time, but its been spent looking on craigs list and driving around looking at apartments.

So here we are! I've sent in a submission on my books and I've an invitation to submit a portfolio for my painting work. I'm excited. The submission is why I have my laptop back (an editor asks you to resubmit something, you do it!) and now I'll have a little more freedom.

Also, my laptop went out right after I'd gotten together some research I needed to finish the romantic thriller I'm working on. Now, I'll have to go back through it and try and remember where I was going. This time, I'll make notes! Or something.

I've also been gathering information to peddle my wares regarding Rebellion on Piza 7 here in Texas. I lost my copy of my book, so I need to order another one, then I'll go to more places. I was able to get the distributers phone number that handles places like Wal Mart. Yeah! As soon as I have a place to live here in San Antonio, I will be ordering that book. In the meantime, I'm going to keep on writing.

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