Friday, August 7, 2009


So we arrived safely about midnight of the fifth. Spent yesterday cleaning and trying to assimilate the fact that I'm 2k miles away from family and friends (sans the one I'm living with :) My kids are doing great. Edward said this is the best house he's ever been in. Not looking forward to when he has to live in the house WE can afford. You know, the one with one game station and very limited games, no tv to play the games on, and no play room. Oh well, in the meantime, the boys are loving the time with others around their age.

I've already started taking my paintings around to show and I've seen the scene for the one act I'm writing for blunt force productions. I've also talked to Donna about getting my hands on one of her anatomy books that I need for a bloody scene in my romantic thriller, Winds of Fire, as I have packed my book and put it in storage. I'vealso managed to leave MY book at home so can't look up what I need for Blood Traitors. Tried to use my credit card but it is notorious for not working.

Getting ready to apply for jobs and hopefully that will leave to get out of my friends hair in a relatively short period of time.

wish me luck in getting back to regular writing.

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