Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Let's try again, shall we

Okay, yesterday I did two fabulous posts that didn't post. Try extreme frustration here.

Okay, many of you know and have been part of the solution, but we are stranded in Roswell for the time being. Our tranny went out a few miles out of town. We limped back to Roswell and are now awaiting the fix of our vehicle.

We are all having a good time, although I'm starting to get bored and antsy. Without a vehicle, there isn't much to do. With the baby, my swim/spa time is limited. Hence the boredom. The boys are loving the swim time. They must have swam for 8 hours yesterday.

Yesterday's blog was so much better as boredom hadn't hit yet, LOL

The broken down vehicle hasn't stressed me as much as usual and Nate and I are patiently waiting to continue on to Texas. I most likely will be working at michaels in some capacity. I'll probably sign on in some capacity for theatre work as I do have 10 years experience.

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