Sunday, August 9, 2009


I need inspiration for a scene in Winds of Fire, just outside of Chicago. I have an aquaintance that has been there, so maybe I'll ask him for some info. I'm also needing a good scriptwriter program, but that'll have to wait until I can afford some extras that aren't really needed. I have to finish the stories I'm working on and start sending out the queries. Sigh. Maybe I'm avoiding finishing them so I don't have to write query letters? They are the bane of many a writers existence. If you don't do it just right, you may kill your book before you've ever started.

I can't remember if I said this yesterday, but I don't think so. We went to go on our first excursion in our own vehicle, alone, and guess what? Our tire was flat. I could hardly believe it. It was very flat - as in you do not get to drive it to Les Schwaab's or anywhere else. You have to take the tire in, in another vehicle, or drive on your spare, if it's not flat, too!

On Blood Traitors, I need a copy of my book. Ironic, huh? In the move my book got lost/misplaced or something. I tried to order, but my card wouldn't go through. I hate that card. It's a master card, but it only works at selected locations. UGH.

Oh well, back to square one.

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