Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Today, I will skim my rough draft and jot down info I can research. I will be running short on actual word counts for awhile as I have beaucoup edits to do on all of my stories. Edits mean adding LOTS of words but it also means cutting LOTS of words. Typically, for every 15k in words, you could average my cut rate at 2.5k and addition rate of 4.5k+. I end up with only 2k more words, but there is a large portion of those words that are new!

I got a little bit of Christmas done last night. My husband surprised me and we got a little fake tree. It's very cute and works well in our little house here. Next year I will have a big one from Washington where we grow trees for fun. For now, I'm glad to have anything Christmas as I thought the only Christmas I was going to get was wrapping paper on the wall or something. Like I said, it's a good week:)

My husband held up manfully as I squealed halfway through the store when I found out we were getting an addition to the groceries. He had told me earlier, on that very day, that he wasn't romantic! Pshaw, I told him. You are one of the most romantic men when you choose to be. then he did that :) Christmas is my favorite time of year, full of hope and love and faith. With all that's going wrong in my life right now, Christmas is the perfect antidote.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas Season. I'm sure I'll post again on it. Like I said, favorite season :P

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