Friday, December 4, 2009


so you know the lovely van that I got back yesterday? When I tried to drive it the power steering wouldn't work. When we were on the way home we realized the power was draining from the battery AND we had no heat on the coldest day in Texas since we arrived GRRR.

So we pull into the walmart on our way home and guess what? Aside form replacing a leaking battery, WE HAVE NO SERPENTINE BELT! I left a very polite message at the mechanics and will be taking it in for a replacement!

We got home AFTER MIDNIGHT sometime as it was midnight fifteen while we were changing the battery (and trying to find the right one was a joke as our van is so old they don't make one exactly like the one we have anymore!) We have replaced the transmission, the engine, the alternator, belts, (now another one lol) and the battery. Soon, it will be all new under the hood! It is a huge conversion van that can pull trailers and the like and hold my whole family, so its worth it.

I'm taking a little time for myself and looking at beautiful things for awhile to get away form the ugliness because as I said in an earlier post - I'm not going to let anything get in my way this week.

What I didn't say is it's a time of preparation, as in to war, if need be and I will deal with the crap in my life by shoveling it out unless they clean themselves up. I am getting ready for the rest of my life. Watch out, here I come.


  1. Let me know if you need anything, and if you need the van again until this gets fixed, you've got it.

  2. No thanks, I took care of it. Besides, it's clean now. Wouldn't want to mess ti up...