Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Book signing

In cas you all have forgotten. Book signing for Rebellion on Piza 7 at Barnes and Nobles Sunday, Dec 6, at 2:00. It's in San Antonio, near the Ingram Park mall off the 410 loop. Lord knows I can't give you directions but the previous post on the subject has the addy if you want it. I will be there with bells on, so to speak :)

Ugh, may have to get new jeans to wear as I've gained weight since moving here, LOL we shall see, though. This sickness streak has helped keep the weight down despite the lack of exercise recently. (With baby sick and kids sick and me sick, when was I going to go for that walk? Oh yeah, I didn't :)

Anyways, it should be fun as their is supposed to be like five authors their so it will definitely be worth your while to show up. Any family members that come can stay at my house LOL.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder... I knew it was coming up but I didn't put it in my calendar. Marking the date now!