Saturday, December 5, 2009


I've been trying to take a day off, but my writing calls me. Yesterday, I did it! sort of. I'm reading to help me get the feel of the romance before resubmitting the rewrite. But I didn't write. My poor brain said enough. It wants to paint but I can't right now. Maybe I'll sketch today.

fixed my van AGAIN. UGH needs more work, but the van is worth it. Not monetarily, but for our purposes it's perfect. It's an old chevy conversion van with a v8 truck engine. We can pull trailers for camping and fit our kids and enough room left over for the months grocery shopping LOL

Baby was up last night and both of our noses are all stuffy. Not sure what that's about as it was very cold here. Maybe that's why. This house is drafty and cold. I have heat up to eight and I can barely feel my toes. If you stand under a vent, you can feel the heat so the heats working. It's not very well insulated as it's an old house and that is the problem. Glad I'm not staying in it for the whole of the winter! Although, we are sorely disappointed the snow didn't make it our way. Apparaently it snowed a mile down the road from us :(

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