Thursday, December 3, 2009


has been pretty good :) We got our van back!!!! Yeah!!!! It feels so good to be in my own vehicle. Nate got paid a little more and just in time as the van people called and said the alternator was bad too another 200 bucks (inc the belt!) so easy come easy go. ***sigh** at least he got paid so we could get our van back. Sitting enjoying our evening with new friends in San Antonio.

Nate almost done with finals one more week of work and school. Found some seriously obvious mistakes on my rewrite (obvious because they were underlined in RED LOL although to be fair, as I write paranormal and fantasy, lots of words are red) plus others that I had just written too fast on. Hi instead of he for example. About halfway through it on computer yet I know I missed some that I had caught on paper. Oh well, I'm waiting until Nate finished with paper and then I'll correct them all at once.

Catching up on blogs today and guess what? I won an ebook :) Christmas came early for me LOL That makes three free books for me. Thank goodness because thats going to be the bulk of my Christmas and I can't think of a better Christmas unless it was to hear that they sold a thousand of my books!

Isaac has been fussy so not getting a lot of what I want done but I'm still plodding away. Thank you Nanowrimo for helping me develop those skills. I'm sure my word count will be less as I'm packing to move, but at least i will be writing everyday.

I'm cleaning house as I hate moving crap and I love the feeling of freedom its giving me. Just a few odd ball things to take care of and I'll be free :P

Can't wait for the family to visit right after Christmas for the winter break. I'm so excited. I wish they could be here for the book signing. I'm having a hard time imagining them not being there:( I miss them. Oh well, I will hold ones they can attend later.

sunday 2:00, Dec 6, Barnes & Nobles off the 410 next to the Ingram Park mall. Come and have fun! I'll be there till 4ish or until my books sell out :)

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