Thursday, May 21, 2009


Rebellion on Piza 7 by Leona Bushman has been released to sales and distribution. Those whom I have emails for will directly receive order info. Those who I don't know or don't have info for, no worries, I will post it here, LOL. In fact, I will post it now. ISBN # is 978-1-60860-012-0 and SKU # is 1-60860-012-2. they are building my website and as soon as its ready I will post my site address here. You can order directly off my site.

Now to the fun stuff. the cover is cool. It will help the book to sell, that's for sure. Now the trick will be to get it out there for people to see. I don't mind talking so that's not a problem. It's convincing people to spend their hard earned money in the middle of a recession. I think it's worth it. You will want to read the book over and over. Yeah, I know, tooting my own horn, but as an author, you can't afford the modesty avenue. I don't want to be the epitome of the poor starving writer, that's for sure!!

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