Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rebellion on Piza 7

I'm in art and math this quarter. It's the last two weeks and everyone is stressing. I'm doing a 40" x 48" painting of a dragon. Silly me. I know little about dragons. Anyways, I've shown my book in my classes and people are excited. They love the cover. Now to convince borders to order a slew of them. I'm sure they don't know how many they are really going to need. I know they'll carry five, but there's five in my math class alone!

It's exciting! The neighborhood store might carry them. I've promised to sign any books he orders. I have to take my copy into him. I'm starting to fell like a REAL author (as opposed to a fake one?)

Exciting time for me, and I hope for my fans that believed in me. Thanks to you all for the confidence to continue to grow!! Remember, it's on Kindle now too, under
Rebellion on Piza 7. Only 1.99 there for limited time :)

I'm writing other stories as well as the sequel to this. I've been inspired and managed to write lots on it, especially since my internet is being stupid. Yeah yeah I know, quite the bitching. However, I'll quite when I've sold enough books to buy myself a new Router!!

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