Friday, May 29, 2009

press release

The official press release has happened, but after a bit of scuffle with publisher, you still can't get it escept through their website for another month! I asked for phone number or something because Borders can't order from the site they've allowed (Payment by paypal or credit card by fax! only!) they were willing to call so I could have my signing on their busiest day of the summer, but NOOOOO> no phone number nothing. Just the same old crap I recieved in letter first time around. I told them I know you said won't show up for weeks is their way to process faster or phone number borders can call to do order? Got the first email quoted back to me. I told my husband that is what would happen!!!!! Everyone by my book it'll be first edition collectible. I'm planning on going places, like Stephen King or JD Robb (AKA Nora Roberts)


  1. I am not happy obviously.. How about everyone BUY my book LOL and the word is EXCEPT not escept UGH BTW Just put my glasses on

  2. I just ordered 2 of your books. Can't wait for it to come in and I can read it and have you sign it. (one for me and one for a family member)