Friday, May 22, 2009


So, baby and I have some mild form of the flu or something, but whatever this is it's caused me to lose weight. I've lost 4 inches of my stomache and around 10 pounds this last three days. I felt better for little while yesterday, but I think stress has made it worst.

I'm very stressed over the success of my book. As I've read it, I've found errors that make me angry because I'm sure they were fixed, or I asked them to be fixed in production. Problem is, sometime, I would forget to save after a little fix and at the time I was editing, My main comp crashed, my back up "family" computer is OLD and slow. I actually type faster than that old POC can keep up with!! Me, and my husband have been through that manuscript more times than I want to think about. He's a pretty good editor, but after so many times through, you start to miss things.

It doesn't help that I scratched an idea that was all the way through the book and wrote a new one in. That meant big changes and lots of new edits!! I have parts that I won't change, but for the most part I'm open to suggestions or "this has to be longer" ideas. I'm strange in that area, but so far, most of the ideas brought forth by those helping me edit, were ones I had thought about anyway, so it followed my instincts.

This has really been a family project! Thanks guys for your help.

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