Thursday, July 23, 2009

Moving is a pain

Whether you're moving across town or across the country there are some basic pain in the butts involved and we've had a few extra thrown in.

I haven't been able to write on any of my stories since last Friday. Monday night I stared at the screen for half an hour but had writers block. So much is going on.

We opened our show Monday night, which runs through next Wed. That pesky old thermostat problem turned into blown headgasket, the same day we bought the thermostat (MON). Of course it blew on the way home, so it took two hours to get home. So no vehicle, packing like crazy, and have to find a way to get to parts store to fix one of our cars. (we're looking for parts to fix the car whose problem isn't mechanical at this point)

My sister is being an issue again. Plus, my older kids dad and his extended family decided to call my 16 year old names for coming with me to texas. I had a little talk with him, although I had to wait over a day before my temper cooled off. He came over when he knew I was gone to my show to do this. Got that one fixed.

All in all, my week has been hectic, fraught with emotional chaos, and physically tiring. The best thing I've been able to accomplish is a painting for the play. I started it sunday night/monday morning. One of my best portraits, and I did it in one and half hours with a palette knife and bits of brush for details.

I'm kind of stuck on my stories because I'm at the research stage for a tangent I took on each of them and I haven't had time to research. I do have other ideas could work on so may have to go that route. Wish me luck in getting to write more the next few days.

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