Sunday, July 19, 2009

The news

It's time for my scary and exciting news.

We are moving to Texas! I don't know the exact date because something keeps going wrong. We have no real prospects where we are at in our chosen professions (although I can write anywhere, I also have art) Theatre and Oil paintings. I have a friend in Texas (Donna who has commented here) and she is going to help us get started. The San Antonio (Yes that's where we are going!) theatres are union, so he will get more money for less hours and to top it off there are more theatres!

We will miss people here, but we will be making a better life for our family. My youngest with Down Syndrome will have a lot more oppurtunities for work and other schooling opportunities in the meantime. My oldest son will have more options in the field he is looking for (construction) than up north here.

We are getting everything together, but our car started overheating today. We are theorizing the thermostat isn't working right, or something, we shall see. One more thing to do before we leave. GRRRRR.

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