Monday, July 6, 2009

Keep on going

I’m long winded and generous with my advice so here goes:

I’m an artist as well as writer. This morning I was telling my husband about the AH fiasco. I told him I kind of understood it, although I don’t want to know how many flies I caught when I saw the personal telephone number listed of the reviewer.
As an artist, I paint what I want to paint, everything from landscapes to the surreal. In my latest art class, I became a palette knife artist. I hated the knife on my previous attempts, in and out of class, so it was a big surprise.
In between classes, I picked up art instruction books, art history books, looked online, and practiced. It had been five years from the last class I was able to take and my recent one. I didn’t stop painting because I wasn’t in class and it became something I craved when I couldn’t do it.
Because of my health (asthma, allergies) I would have to put my paints away for awhile, sometimes months. When I’d go back to the painting, I’d see things I had missed the first time. Why? Because I didn’t spend my time away from my paints away from art. Because of all the reading and learning I’d done, I was able to apply it to the paintings when I’d go back.
I also started writing. I applied the same principles to my writing. I keep learning even if I can’t write. I read voraciously, all genres. I read writing blogs and magazines. When I went back to my MS I could apply those principles that I’d picked up since I last looked at it.
It’s been 1 and ½ years since I started writing seriously (as in finish a novel) and I’m published. I may not make it big off my first book, but I’ve learned a lot in the process of getting there.
Applying these lessons helps you to get ahead and makes your next work that much better. If you believe in your work, keep querying, keep learning, and apply all of it to your next book. I took a six month hiatus due to health issues from everything except the care of my family. I had a baby with Down Syndrome (November 1) and had to move my family of seven around the holidays.
However, I’ve managed to write three novels, one published, four short stories, and I’m working on three others. Why? Because I didn’t spend my time away from writing away from the industry. If writing is your dream, don’t give up no matter what gets in the way. Keep learning and keep trying.

Whatever your dream is, don't give up because life gets in the way. Go around life and come out on top!

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