Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Market Place Deli

I'm doing well in writing despite the craziness of my life and my allergies. Plus, I'm managing to plug my book and get more sold. Of course, I won't see the results of anything sold now, until October, but the momentum is starting to roll :)

The Market Place Deli is holding a book signing. The date to be determined when we have the books ETA. She ordered fifteen, but we will probably order more as they sell :) She is also going to put some in her other espresso shop, Tomtoms uptown. I'll get the address for that when they are placed.

The Market Place Deli is on Yakima Ave, across from old Yakima Mall and next to Cheshire Used Books. The back entrance is in the alley next to Capitol Theatre. She makes the bes frappaccinos.

As I had no volunteers for being my task master, I've surprised myself at the amount of words I've been able to write this last week. Between allergies, baby, other kids, looking for work, driving my kids looking for work, driving my husband to his work (last week of work before unemployment), rehearsals and general life stuff, I'm surprised I've gotten anything done!

I also took my daughter to doctor. I went twice to pharmacy because of insurance stuff (still didn't get any meds UGH). However, I did see someone who had been at borders when I did my book signing, although he hadn't seen me.

I said, "Hey, you were at Borders Saturday. I was there signing books. I couldn't remember how I knew you until you'd left."

"Yeah, I was there. Wait, did you say you were signing books?"

"Yes, I did."

"Cool, what kind of book. I have always wanted to write. I've written some but, you know." Back to clicking in the computer entering our insurance stuff.

"It's a science fiction adventure."

"Awesome! I love science fiction. I'm reading E**** (sorry can't remember name. I want to say Eric something though) right now. The stuff I'm doing is more like comic book stuff, but I can't draw."

"I'll draw them for you, at least I can try."

"You're an artist too?"

"Yeah, I've never done comic book stuff, but I can see what happens."

"Wow." blah blah insurance stuff.... then, "I'll definitely get your book. My boss loves to read, too. In fact, I'll call Borders and have them save me a copy."

"okay, if you have it when I come back, I'll sign it."

"I'll do that! Okay see you soon."

I have to go back and get meds, but at least someone else is going to buy my book. who knew that having to go to the pharmacy all the time would eventually help my writing career?

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