Saturday, July 4, 2009

Book Signing!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Family and friends who came and supported me, you have a huge gratitued of thanks. I sold fifteen books of Rebellion on Piza 7 (yeah, ways to go before we're Laurel Hamilton here), and some people didn't make it who were going to, so perhaps will get more sales next week. Borders only (see previous post, not upset at "only 20") ordered 2o for my initial signing, but that was fine. They weren't as busy as they expected, but the people who came in for my signing probably spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 so the people at borders are happy that I was there :)

They want me to do another signing, possibly before school starts, but she also mentioned teacher's appreciation week in October :) I'm thrilled. My husband and MIL were there and it's a good thing we planned it that way as my DIL, AKA babysitter for today, was called into work for sat (almost never works sat but b/c of other circs...) so I ended up bringing baby (big hit with family who drove hour plus to be there) and the boys played video games with their brother in law to be. So it worked out.

Apparently, in this area, it's not been unheard of to have book signings with zero sales, and 1-2 is pretty common so I'm pretty stoked with my 15, plus I generated interest for more, the staff included so it could lead to lots more.

My birth father showed up with my cousin from Benton City ( hour plus drive0 and he said that around midnight he'd opened it up to read a couple of pages before bed and stayed up all night reading it because he couldn't put it down!! (At least he didn't sound completely surprised LOL) MY MIL said as she read it, she kept forgot it was MY book and was engrossed in the story. Since she'd help edit early visions, this was good news! These are the kind of things an author wants to hear!!

Having family read your book and say it was good is expected and part of the support. Having family read your book and not be able to put it down is excellent and makes me feel glad that I was able to give something back for that support.

Now I need to work on the next one... Inklings is my next target...

I didn't make my numbers yesterday and I'm going to have to work to get todays numbers but I'm working on it.

http:/ Soon I'll be posting bits out of the sequel :)

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