Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm still here :)

I'm still here, dealing with "other" stuff has kept me from doing my full amount of blogging, marketing and networking. Here's a quick update.

I'm particiapating in a 1k word a day contest, and I'm very glad I did! Somedays I can write 4k thousand words no sweat, but because of schedules and all the other life stuff, it's been work to keep up the 1k a day, but it has helped.

The best news? I won the first week with over 8400 words! Woot woot. I've written like five so far tonight, but I have a half an hour left. All kinds of things can happen to my characters within a half an hour (evil laugh)

Hope everyon'es weekend is going well, and please give me any feedback on my book after you have read it! It is my first novel so I'm way open to opinions and suggestions. Also, let me know who your favorite characters are. PS My edits are going well, hopefully by Thursday will have excerpts from Blood Traitors, next in series after Rebellion on Piza 7, on my web page,

My webpages have links to my publisher site to buy the book and my twitter and my kindle. Also, feel free to email me at for questions, insights, and suggestions, or any constructive criticism :)

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