Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Other Blog

I started another blog. This one is about Down Syndrome. I encourage everyone who has a down syndrome kid or who knows one to read it and to tell others. It's meant to be a positive support for other parents.
It dawned on me as I was writing something else that I needed a blog with my Down Syndrome encouragement to other parents. I hate the negativity tha abounds about being the parent of a kid with special needs.

Please encourage anyone with any special needs child to participate. I want parents to have a place to discuss their hardships and recieve positive help and encouragement, not judgement or fear.

In other news, I'm in two writing contests for the month of July and I've at least 700 more words to go. (My blogs DON'T count LOL) I only wrote 300 as part of editing yesterday because I knew I was starting these contests today and gave myself a break. I hadn't planned on it, but common sense won out, mostly because I took my daughter to the doctor. Her allergies were giving her issues.

My allergies are giving me some issues. But I won't let it stop me now! I'm on a roll. I have to print out blood traitors and make Nathan do the edits he has to do. He's making me crazy. (I know short trip and all that) :) Anyways, I'm excited to be writing so much. I figured out that I wrote over 30k in 7 days before yesterday, once I added up my totals from the last I remembered (I had 12k on two stories. Now, I have almost 30 on one, over 13 on another, I wrote a 11,300 historical novella, and worked on another short I wrote last year. I'm turning it into a long novel. I had apparently missed some in my counting. Although, I know that monday, I did a large portion of these numbers. I think I was off by 2k when I counted, forgetting it was 'same day' writing LOL

Plus all the blogging and commenting for networking and marketing. So it's prbably closer to 50k words for the week. :)

Still no takers on the whip master for my July writing...

okay, I have to get back to drawing board er, rather keyboard. (don't want tempt mtself away!)


  1. You might want to actual link to your blog... I found it, but it took me a few clicks to get to it!!! I'm sorry I haven't been working on your editing and stuff (like getting that box in the mail for you). Life has been so hectic here. With Jim leaving, and everything else (today was doctor appointment day-yeah, what fun!) I don't know if I am running this way or that.

    Forgive me?

  2. Of course! I don't know how to do the link. But I will soon. I'm figuring things out as I can.

    I hope things slow down a bit so you can enjoy some time with Jim before he leaves. Hope doc appts went okay.

    How are kids?