Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I did it!

I wrote over four thousand words before 6 O'clock last night. As my twitter followers know, I did most of it in the late afternoon. My husband was a big help with baby to help me push through. So guess what? I finished my short story (11,303 words) that I started Saturday and it's off to the publisher. Keep your fingers crossed that it'll be accepted :)

I haven't succeeded in my 5k a day yet, but just trying to get there has significantly improved my writing skills and my speed of thought to page.

On other news, I was called in for an interview at Michaels and it went well. I'll at least have a job for the Christmas season if not longer going by my gut feeling of it. I'm so glad because if I get a permanent job there they have benefits, which is a great, and I'll be able to purchase my canvases at a lower price!

Since I have to work, getting a job where I like the stuff we sell seems like a great idea. Plus, it won't start out at full time so I'll have time to adjust to working.

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