Thursday, November 12, 2009

11th day

What started out as a dismal day of words, turned into a dazzling scene that, when edited, will be great :) I posted my words at 830 pm and they show up for day 12 :( That's okay though, because it will show up today's count with it and it'll look like I wammied today LOL Yesterday's totals came in at slightly over 4k woot woot!

Baby's still fussy, hopefully he'll feel better soon. Josh came home sick from school yesterday. He was so sick, the teacher had the nurse come to him! I haven't seen him that pale since his bad asthma attacks when he ended up in hospital 8 years ago. thankfully, he's easy to take care of. Hardest part is geting him to take medication.

Wish me luck on today's word count. Schedule is not looking so hot. I will endeavor to pass 30k today though :) Word count for yesterday's end is 28660. yippy for a day that had less than a thousand around 2? I think it was. Today, I have to get my people to the main city. I'm tired of bad things happening to them on the trail. :) The bad guys aren't having any problems. They're just waiting for the mage to get rid of the berserker LOL

For all you new writers, the best thing I can tell you is to never give up. If you believe in your writing then keep writing and searching until you find someone who believes in it as much as you do. In this business persistence (continuously writing, learning, networking, etc) wins out in the end.

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