Sunday, November 8, 2009

seventh day

Well seventh day was short by 3000+words for my personal goal. I was four words short of 2k :( I had an epiphany about how to handle the about face I took in the book (yeah, the military jargon of the state is rubbing off).

I was a the store after dropping my kid off at Saturday school (honest he has school on sat). I was walking down the aisles looking for the lunchmeat when bam... Irealized that since I was writing in omnisicient POV I really should let the reader know a bit more about what's going on behind enemy lines. I even had an idea about how I wanted the two scenes go. do you think I had a pen? NOPE and the handheld taperecorder I bought for just such an occassion? In WA somewhere. At least I hope it is. Groan.

By the time I got home I remembered a few key points but forgot the flow/order. All I could write was Kyle and Lord McCallum talk about this or that. Or Bad happened she not killed LOL

I write out of sequence all the time. I usually write like I'm doing for NaNoWriMo, if I make myself, that is. I wrote Rebellion on Piza 7 in a month although it took about three months of editing to polish it up. I took out one plot line and inserted another. and added information where I had skipped over it.

I have a real bad habit of doing that. What does that mean for my story? It means I have to go back and write scenes I skimmed or skipped because my mind was on a different one. For instance, in Blood Traitors, sequel to Piza 7, I have the main characters looking at a body that has been murdered and the face disfigured by a futuristic weapon using lasers and stones (as in gems :P).

I originally said something like. He saw she was dead and was upset. I took one whole paragraph to say it. I think there were two sentences. My husband, the erstwhile editor, was like. "A dead body is interesting you don't describe it." or something. He said more but that's what it boiled down to.

If you read my inscription to Rebellion on Piza 7 then you know, he's the one who said MORE. He's right. So what happens in the current story? I forget to put the plot points along the way, think about them later, then write the scenes. I do not write by an outline. I have characters in my head and their story floating about, and if they live past the two hour idea thing my brain has going on, then they will harass me until their story is written.
Victoria and Erica (Winds of Fire, Winds of Ice) just chimed in to say, yeah, where's the rest of their story. I point at the folder with the pages printed out and say, see they are waiting for the man who says "more" to edit. That quiets them down for the moment. I've barely thought out Winds of Ice, but Winds of Fire only needs 15-25k words to be finished. Depends on how much my More editor finds to nail me on....

I made up a couple of chants last night during show. They need so much work. But you have to have chants/spells when writing about magic. Now the question is do I learn to speak Gaelic, so I know if the words actually rhyme, or do I make up my own language? I've started both to see how it feels in the story... Anybody speak Gealic?

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