Monday, November 23, 2009

day 21 and 22

Went well. I didn't quite break 50k last night like I was aiming too, but it was time to spend a happy hour or two with my family. I'm at the slowest part of the book as I lay the trail leading to the climax and I'm trying not to skim through as is my want and be more detail oriented. This is not a short story, LOL As of this post I have 48099 by Microsoft Word's count. Sooooo close.

On the rewrite, I think I'm still at just under 7k as all my writing on that one was done by hand and hasn't been translated to the computer yet. I'm still in the new scene that isn't new. I'd started putting this scene in before but it was lost in the nether regions and I'm not sure how. I hadn't finished the scene before so I'm flying by the seat of my pants, you might say.

All in all it's been a good writing week despite the flu demons visiting us. I'm looking to make this one a good one as well. Maybe I can drop the kids off somewhere and write until they make it home LOL. Seriously, they have a WHOLE WEEK OFF for Thanksgiving and I'm thinking I might need to do a write in all by myself tomorrow. thinking I may have to go to Barnes and Nobles so I can see the sign that says book signing. You know, the one with my name on it so I can keep the motivation alive, :)

May the Force be with us on our endeavors today...

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