Saturday, November 7, 2009

sixth day

15579+ yeah! that's over 3k for day. I think it was 3300 total :)

Cleaned up excerpt a little bit. I have about an hour during show to sit, so I edit. Between editing done Wed rehearsal and Thurs show, I added around 2k :) and I got to feed the right brains need to critique. I also did research on languages. Right now, I'm using irish/gaelic. (Yes, I have a fascination for the language. I wish I could learn to speak it. Rebellion on Piza 7 has the bulk of foreign words in Irish. :)So I played a little on one of my breaks. I almost feel guilty about how many breaks I'm taking, but it's working.

My family gets time on computer, I get time with family, and I get research done. All that while producing approx 2x the required amount for nanowrimo. I'm proud of myself, but we are heading in to the dreaded 2nd week. Any support is helpful... chocolate, pepsi, gift cards to food places, (I HATE to cook in middle of projects. I don't like it anyother time! LOL) you know, keep the fires burning!

Thanks for the tips on the excerpt. As stated, I did get some outside of the blog as well. It's helped me watch for things as I write or edit. I found quite a few Jared's (Of 24 single spaced pages I had 5 or 6)so that was a big help. Jaren is not a word for Word, but Jared is so it is not highlighted or redlined so I have to look very closely at it.

Speaking of MILs, mine is coming after Christmas and bringing my daughter :) :D :P I'm so happy. I can't wait to see them. They are both big supporters of my writing and helpers with editing and continuity. My Mommy in law and I get along just fine, thank you. She's my biggest fan with the exception of my duaghter! Maybe they're tied, IDK but I do know that I'm very grateful and thankful. She is on my Thankful Thursday list that's for sure.

Okay, I'm off to finish my morning ritual and then its off to the races for me!

BTW my buddies are all doing great! WE'd all killed the 10k mark by Thursday! Theoretically, 10 k didn't need to be broken until end of day yesterday. Keep you posted.

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