Saturday, November 21, 2009

you might be a writer if...

This is a repost courtesy of my friends at withcy chicks!

You’re listening to a Green Day song and exclaim, “Wow! I love that metaphor!”

You shrug at the teenager who shoots you a weird look at the abovementioned exclamation and say, “Well, I do."

You love having nightmares, because they give you great story ideas.

Your idea of the perfect shopping spree includes a trip to the office supply store for paper, toner and an iTunes card; a stop at Starbucks for a venti latte and a month’s supply of coffee beans; a swing into the bookstore to reload your already teetering To Be Read pile; and the miraculous discovery of an extremely comfy sweater and the perfect pair of slippers.

You talk about imaginary people like they’re real – and you know them personally.

You have a notebook in your purse, your backpack, your laptop case, your glove compartment and every single room of your house – maybe even the bathroom.

You ask yourself questions out loud, then answer them. Because, hey. The cats are asleep and who else will talk to you?

You collect whiteboards, dry-erase pens, binders and bulletin boards instead of shoes.

Your family doesn’t ask what CD you’re playing in the car. They ask, “Which book is this playlist for?”

You give yourself an hour or so to be pissed, sad or frustrated when another rejection, bad review or hateful, whiney e-mail comes your way. Then you get over it and get back to work.

You pass up social engagements, video games, TV shows and sometimes sleep to write. Because writers don’t talk about writing – they do it.

You might be a writer if…
you quit reading blogs and get to it. *grins*

One of the many blogs that keep me inspired and help to continue on even on days things aren't going so well. Kudos and Thanks!

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