Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ninth day

Okay, ninth day is over, whew! Managed 3k words despite everything. My husband's schedule is different this week than it has been and it's throwing me off. Plus I lost a whole scen yesterday becasue the kids wouldn't quit fighting/yelling/rough housing. I finally told them to go play dominos and sent my oldest to referee. There was instant fighting because 8 yr old insisted 16 yr old had to play with them. It would have been nice. It took me half an hour to settle them down and I had lost the scene. Can we say livid? I explained to all of them if it happens again there will be dire consequences. tonight is supposed to be game night, and I'm tempted to cancel it because of last night's debacle.

I also threatened my eldest son and husband with all they hold dear that if that happens again, they will not see the light of day. LOL seriously, though, I said if I can't write because they won't play with the kids or take care of the issues, I'm not getting off the computer until I've met my PERSONAL goals, not the itty bitty one set by nanowrimo,but MY goal. My goal for nanowrimo is 3k but my personal goal has always been 5k and I've succeded when life hasn't interfered. Now, I'm pushing back on life and using nanowrimo to help set my habits back up. I've written as much as 8k a day. I'm a fast typist and I have a quick mind (when its working).

No more Mr. Nice Guy .... Stay tuned for our next episode of Life in the Bushman Hilton

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