Wednesday, November 4, 2009

third day results

just under 2400 words... could have been worst. I'm still shy of my personal goal, but I just couldn't write anymore.

What did yesterday bring? Husband not going to work on regular schedule, baby teething like a mad boy, and my oldest going to school hour and half early and staying two hours over Lord knew it was going to be a crazy day. Just when I though I might get some peace, My kindergartener comes home with the wrost asthma attack he's had since RSV as an infant. He isn't diagnosed so no meds at school. Great. (insert sarcasm here) I pick him up and give him treatment, make sure his flow meter improves. It does. whew! I don't have medical insurance down here and after my husbands recent illnes, I don't have any spare change either! He thre up about 530 this morning because of the harshness of his cough. Baby had fever and teething issues. Finally got him comfortable about 2 sleep by 230. Hours of sleep 3. Time writing not enough. time sleeping not enough. time going crazy too much.

On a happier note I won a signed copy of an author I've been following recently. I also won a book that hasn't been released yet last week. Those are good things!

The best thing that happened yesterday (besides Edward breathing that is!) is I got a copy of my book in the mail from Barnes and Noble. It was an incredible feeling. The pub copy I had was lost/misplaced in move to texas so it's been three months since I've held my book. It is a beautiful cover. I got my 16 yr old son to start reading it last night and he kept reading it til he fell asleep. My son hates to read (he was found in a cappage patch. I love to read! Actually, I blame his dad. His dad hates to read and makes fun of those who do. Harold, not Nathan) It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

Considering yesterdays many pitfalls, I think it went rather well. Oh, and did I mention, a good portion of my husbands homework is online? yep. You got it. And although he's supportive of my writing, homework deadlines trump my personal writing goals. Today's going to be hard as I delve into the unknown. I generally write by the seat of my pants. With the lack of sleep, I'm afraid I won't be writing much in the way of coherent thoughts...

May the force be with you and me today.

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