Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 12

So day twelve did not go so well. I'm at 30123, and I haven't finished transcribing my chicken scratch to computer yet. Wrote some on paper while husband had the computer locked down. The rest will go on todays numbers. Nearly 1500 words, but I'm glad I got that far!! My husband has big paper due in today and my computer time was slow, slow, slow :( I printed out my story and did a sort of edit and wrote on the pages and added things. I was stuck on moving forward and couldn't have the computer anyway.

Usually, for NaNoWriMO, you don't stop to edit, but that's for people who have umpteen computers, wireless internet, and no sick kids or housework to take care of. At least I'm working on my writing when not on the computer. That's how I have to look at it. I'm just happy I passed the 30k mark as I knew that in itself was a huge marker. I only have twenty thousand words to go and if I do over a thousand on bad days, I'll make the 50k and then some. If I have days like day 11 where I do 4k, then I'm going to blow the 50 and make my 75k goal. yeah me. LOL

I wish I could count all the blogging and twitter stuff, I would have passed the 50 k mark last week!!

Okay, off to another day of sick kids, housework, and appointments. And somewhere, I will find the time to write. (I think TX hates us. :( Someone is sick almost everyday. Maybe we will finally get to put a stop to it after this last bout of flu runs its course!)

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