Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 19

Day 19 went well! I wrote 2k more on my nanowrimo project and 2k on my rewrites. that's four thousand words for the day. As long as I can keep doing the 2k+ for the nanowrimo, I will get my rough, rough draft finished. For me that's the first big step. I love to edit (sounds terrible, but I just realized it myself) and polishing my stories has become an endeavor of love and peace for me. It's an accomplishment. I finished something and I'm proud of it whether anyone besides my family ever sees it. The problem happens when I get too stuck on self editing that I don't continue the story and lose momentum.

Having this rewrite pop up yesterday was actually fortuitous. How? you might ask when I'm in the middle of a race with the train wreck called NaNoWriMo? Well, if you remember, I tend to do better with two stories at once anyway. Plus, I get to edit the rewrite which satisfies my editing need and keeps me away from the temptation of going back through the myriad comments I've posted and fixing them NOW NOW NOW. LOL

So here's to Day 20 which has gotten off to a good start.

Live Long and Prosper...


  1. Keep up the good work!! Everyone feeling better?

  2. Yep except Isaac. Two really yucky diapers since 11. eew. I'm trucking along and giving him loving as he needs it. He's usually pretty busy making messes, so it's not too bad. I'm just on a creative roll and that helps me get more done quickly.

  3. Thats good to hear. I need to talk to you about your printer... I have an idea (I know, scary thought...) for a Christmas present for someone (and no, not you... don't know what I am doing for y'all yet) which is going to require some thinking outside the box.