Saturday, November 14, 2009

day 13

was a typical friday the 13th Is there such thing? My son woke up with his tooth bothering him bad. Can't seem to find help UGH. We're discussing options, including tying string to car and taking off with it. Baby antsy and needy and husband having more school work:( that's okay though, at least he's in school.

I'm not feeling so hot and spending way too much time in bathroom to accomplish much. I'm right around 1400 words for yesterday (finished up this morning) and I'm not finished with scene so may be able to crank out words despite having everybody and their brother here.

I'm lagging. **TIME FOR CAFFEINE** I didn't get my quota yesterday, tried to dring water since not feeling well. I gave in and drank some last night though LOL>

Back to the writing board...

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