Friday, November 6, 2009

fifth day

Yesterday was starting out to be a rough day for the writer in me. Lack of sleep combined with stress stalled my genius. I did some blog reading on other author's that I usually save for rewards and found a title contest. Helping her look for a title helped to get my juices flowing. If only I could get a good title for mine. Cerisa and her Dragon just isn't going to cut it. (It's the working title on NaNoWriMO which I have to change very soon as I don't want it to win with that title)

However, after 600 words, I stopped. I couldn't think. I'd found a whole new line to put in (a very good one as I needed more conflict) and still couldn't keep going. My boys were squabbling (sick kids are soooo fun NOT) the baby crying, and my internet was playing peek-a-boo with me. I finally gave up at 2 and laid down with baby. Baby and I slept for and hour, I put him to play and rested until 4. From 430 to 530 I wrote enough words that I ended up with 2k I'm over 12k for the five days!!!

I so needed that sleep. Last night during the show, I edited pages I'd printed out from Days 1-4. WOW some paragraphs were so bad that I only wrote REWORK! Other's have lots of ink around the edges and filling up the back. However, the story over all is good and remained interesting to me throughout. For me that's the hardest part. If I get bored with it, I'm sure the reader will too. I want to write books that people read and reread and never get tired of. So the fact that I've read it doesn't wash with me...

Well, back to the drawing board... or typewriter... rather the keyboard.

Oh and have two more new readers/bookowners because I took Rebellion on Piza 7 to show. SWEET

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