Monday, June 1, 2009

Rebellion on Piza 7

It's been an interesting day. Thank you to everyone whose buying and/or bought a book! Good news is Ingram has said they are now showing Rebellion On Piza 7 for sale! Borders here we come! I'll keep people posted. People are sending out congrats and well wishes and it sure helped my stress of finishing my painting.

It is huge 40 x 48" It's the biggest one I've ever done. It's really helped me to destress on the stuff that keeps going 'not quite right' with my book release. Except for when it looked all wrong. But it's coming out okay now. Last night I wanted to cry because the composition and proportions were all wrong.

Now I am left with figuring out the claws for the forefeet and hindfeet (is that what they're called on a dragon) and the details on the face. I finally, after hours of doing and redoing the skin texture I finally found something that worked and felt "DUH" because I KNOW how to do texture but because it's my final my brain was stuck on stupid.

Anytime I got stuck on my painting I'd check my email for any news on the book front. Having the congrats really helped me get past the frozen stage of being able to create. The artists version of writer's block.

I will stop by Border's tomorrow and see if the event person is in and set up my Borders order and book signing. I will keep everyone posted on how it goes. Good night to everyone and god speed.

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