Monday, June 29, 2009

A day in the life

I'm so tired and I have rehearsal tonight along with the mundane's of everyday life. My baby has started a wicked schedule. Well, more of a wicked version of the old. See it used to be he'd sleep from 1-11 (with short easy wake ups for feeding take a short nap in after noon and possibly evening (I mean short! 30-60 min) and stay up until 1 again. Not so bad. As a nursing mom, waking up for feedings where he eats and goes back to sleep doesn't require full wake up mode, and I can easily fall back to sleep.

The last couple of days, culminating with yesterday, he's started a new trend. Waking up earlier (yesterday it was 8) taking two hour nap in afternoon (when we are doing errands so no nappy for me), and two hour nap at night (when I have to pick up husband: see my twitters) then up for four hours. And while he's awake, he's started on a new mommy phase as everyone else it out more often and the teenagers for long hours. Wouldn't be such a harsh schedule if I wasn't waking up at 530 to take my teenagers to work. So here's how that schedule translates for me.

sleep: 130 am possible dozing before if husband is up to help with baby
wake up 530 take teenagers to work 25 miles away
home 730
boys ages 5 & 8 up at 8 (can sometimes sneak sleep in here if they don't fight playing games)
8 start reading blogs marketing
830 feeding baby, changing diapers, etc.
9 eat if remembered to take thyroid meds at 530 wake up time, otherwise "oh yeah I need my meds" time
930 ish kick boys of games and make them get dressed and eat (this happens hour earlier on days hubby has maintanence calls at 10, then I'm leaving at 930)
10 finish marketing, blogging not done at 8 (sneak in writing cuz can't help myself and marketing is my least favorite internet game. I'd even rather do research!)
1030 hold sometimes fussy, always active baby who needs mommy possible feeding
1100 start writing, usually with baby on lap, so doing it one handed
1130 cleaning up spit up, only caught laptop once! change baby wash up myself
12 make younger boys do chores, do clean up, feed baby 'food' versus milk. Try to recruit younger boys to help with this as baby loves looking at them and playing with them during feed time.
1230 make lunch for boys, clean up baby's lunch mess (including the legs and arms that seem to collect baby food like some people do stamps!) and change and feed baby (he and Edward whose five have started this contest to see who can eat the most or something!)
130 eat lunch try to sneak in writing here if baby is content on floor
200 feed baby "snack", have boys play outside
215ish write some more...
230 rest of baby's 'snack and put down for short nap
write write write
330ish laundry, dishes, start dinner, baby care
430ish more writing in or picking up hubby, burn dinner if not careful between now and ...
600 dinner (if not burnt) feed baby (hes hungrier in afternoon and evening)
630 leave for rehearsal or write some more
730 ish largest baby feeding, etc ( he'll eat two jars of food, which I feed him form my canned stores, with cereal mixed in quicker than you can say "Are you hungry"
800 (if not at rehearsal) write and clean when stuck
830-900 baby fall asleep
1000 wish I was in bed like baby cuz You know he's going to wake up soon, put boys to bed (they love summer schedule :)
1130 up with maby, getting juice bottle to supplement (body doesn't make much milk at that time for some odd reason?)
12 play with baby
130 start all over again

And somewhere in there pick up my teenagers from work, pay bills and go to dr appointments, yardwork, grocery shopping. picking up/dropping off apps and any extra cleaning needed since teenagers working long shifts in warehouse... anyone have a free hour or so so I can sleep?

I'd like to know who said stay at home moms don't work because I want to take them out back and take a belt strap to them!!!

Knowing my schedule may help you understand why I'm so excited when I write 3k+ words a in one day! Every thousand words I get in, feels like I've made an accomplishment. Of course, when the muse hits, the laundry and dishes go straight to ....

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