Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Book Signing!

THE BOOK SIGNING IS HERE, HURRAH!!!! My first book signing is at borders in Yakima, July 4th, from 11-3. Wish me luck! The event coordinator has said it will either be a busy or empty day, LOL and for the same reason - the holiday- but we can do another one later in the summer. I know we've been waiting for this for a while so I went with the earlier date (I have a signing in Idaho on the 17-18th of July. I have lots of family in Idaho) because it would have been end of July or beginning of August. Way too far away.

For those who want a copy, they only ordered 20 so get there ASAP. I have a feeling it will be slow at first then BAM! Honestly, if I can get ahold of everybody, I had more than a hundred people asking me when it'd get to borders.

Can we say yeah!!!

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