Thursday, June 25, 2009


I'm thinking of pirates today. Pirates in the business world. For those local, one of those such beings is H & H furniture. Do not do business there! They will tell you one thing and do another. And, if you already have items there, and bought the insurance. please know the insurance wears out midnight of the day before your payment is due. Even though it's included in your paymen and you have four days before late penalties, etc. if the item is stolen during that grace period your insurance is no good. AND you have to keep paying the same payment, including the insurance which is no longer valid or she charges you with a felony theft. Even if you are willing to make smaller payments.

My brother died and my laptop was stolen when I went to Olympia. It does not matter to her if it was stolen from you. She's only interested in victimizing you as much as she can get away with. (I can legally do it, it's in the contract is her favorite quote!) If I had the money, I'd fight her. I would still pay for it, but I'd make smaller payments and get the insurance taken off the payments. How ridiculous is that? Besides, when it came out how poor we are and how little we've been bringing in and I've still paid some, along with my brothers death and a car accident, I'd have the sympathy factor. As a writer, I don't see how it would hurt me. But, since I'm looking for a job, I can't have that around my neck right now.

UGH!!! I hate business Pirates. They are not half as cool as The Pirates of the Caribbean... If only she were Johnny Depp :)

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