Sunday, June 28, 2009

Today, tomorrow, yesterday

I'm feeling strange. My emotions are a concoction of melancholy, hope, and fear. Things are strained financially. The starving artist thing is appropo here. Plus, my husband, who was suppose to get steady work, if not overtime is only making 200 a week on average. Family of five cannot live on that. He didn't hear back on last interview. I picked up more apps. The one I really wanted to do, isn't hiring (again) until August.

Yet, I have a published book and my first book signing coming up and I'm getting support for that. But on the heels of that, I went to Borders last night to buy my husband a book and only one of my books has sold in the last week. Kind of a bummer. Yet, its a good thing because I'll have the nineteen copies for the signing, and from the confirmations I've gotten, there should be at least that many there! Hopefully, it leads to word of mouth sales! Borders will order more, maybe I can convince them to do a pre-order thing for my book on the 4th. Will have to talk to them about it.

Hope I can find part time job and hubby find extra job to go with his sporadic job.

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