Wednesday, June 24, 2009

May the muse be with you

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad Bushman. I'm not good on actual dates, but since you're leaving today for a mini trip, I feel safe in saying it today :)

I love to scrapbook and Mom B. is having me help her with a special historical scrapbook of her family. I feel so honored. She brought pics by last night. Anyway, you know something crazy? (Besides the fact it took me eight years to get my wedding album done for various reasons, I mean) In my scrapbooks, the thing that lies in wait and takes the longest for me to do is the WRITING! How's that for irony?

I didn't get a lot of words in yesterday, but I think I worked out a minor (could have ended up major!) plot kink. Sometimes, the plot kinks can hold up the muse. Today, I'm inspired to work on my book, where the hero has a lot of my husbands strengths. He is my muse on the book. I'm also sending stuff out for editing (forgot to do it yesterday GRRR). Maybe I'll have to fix more. This book has military involvement, and I'm not alwasy sure of stuff. I pretty much have a website listing rank and title up the enitre time I'm writing on this particular book.

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