Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blood Traitors

The title of my next book in the Martilian series is Blood Traitors. I've recently been inspired on how to get where I want to go. Right now, I'm a quarter to third of the way done, what with changes and stuff. By the end of next week I should be half way or more, depending on how fast I get the editing back.

I've started to read Rebellion on Piza 7. Seemed funny to me at first, but there's something different about reading it in book form. The experience is not the same as reading it on my computer looking for errors, or going through, seeing the stuff that got missed. After a comment from one of my readers on facebook, I decided to try reading it to see if I enjoyed it, but also to help me find the flow for Blood Traitors.

As previously stated, I'm at a crux in my story.had originally intended them to get to the home planets of Phalo and Onch before too long. But it looks like too much is happening on the ship. May not get there until the end. My final in the Martilian Trilogy (at least from Savannah's POV LOL) will have to take up the home planets. The Martilian Planets are so real to me, I can feel the energy and the past and present that they've combined to keep the disaster that caused them to leave Mars and Crimson from happening again (if you want to know about the disaster, you'll have to read about it in Rebellion on Piza 7 LOL)

I've hinted at some of the meshing of the past and present in Rebellion on Piza 7. But, when they get to Phalo and Onch, you will truly see this happening. It's one of the reasons I wanted them to get to the home planets so badly. But the story and characters are not letting that happen. The traitors will not wait until they've arrived on planet. They keep trying to kill people and take over the ship through physical and psychic means, leaving Savannah and her bondsmen with severe problems on their hands.

how to get the images in my head onto paper? That is the dilemna. Part of me suspects, I'll end up painting some of them with oil paints as well as words before all is said and done. If so, I'll try to post them. Maybe on my website? IDK if that's possible, will have to ask my publicist and friend extrodinair.

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